How to Make Seeds Sticks


The cost of some seeds can be quite expensive in some cases, so it just makes sense to not waste them or use more than you need.  A single packet of 15 seeds of Cheyenne Spirit cost $8.25 and last year I had poor germination with this cultivar.

Also some seeds are very tiny and hard to handle just using your fingers.

In the past I bought a plastic seed spoon, but thought I could come up with a replacement with little effort on my part.

I tried a couple different sources for my wood. I used a wood wedge, cut off a piece, sanded it and it works well. I also tried a stick from a frozen treat and with a little sanding it worked well also. The advantage of the wood is that it’s easy to see the seeds and count how many are on the stick. The wood also holds the seed well in place. A Popsicle stick should work well also.

I did try using a heated nail to put in a dimple into the wood, but found that I didn’t need it.

The seeds you see in the picture are Maltese Cross and are very small and normally would be hard to handle, but with the home-made seed sticks, they are much easier to work with.


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  1. Anonymous

    i’m wondering if you know where i could purchase a pair of the seed spoons ,

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