tomTom Terrific is available as a speaker for groups in the St. Louis area at no charge.

He does two different programs.

The Ten Commandments of Butterfly Gardening
This program is based on his book. The topics include host and nectar plants, pesticides, sun/shade, natives etc.It is mainly for adults, but kids are welcome.

Gardening for the Monarch Butterfly
The Monarch population has dropped precipitously in the last ten years. Tom discusses what the main causes are and what we can do to help our local Monarch population.

Tom has been an avid gardener for many years  and in the past 13 years he has specialized in Butterfly Gardening. He has written a book, “The Ten Commandments of Butterfly Gardening“which is now available as a free download. His website is where he keep notes on his latest tips, ideas, plants, and tests. He encourages the public to signup for the free ezine.

Tom also provides butterfly plants, seeds and advice for schools in the St. Louis area which want to start or renew a butterfly garden.

Tom has done his Butterfly Gardening program all over St. Louis.

  • Missouri Botanical Garden
  • The Butterfly House
  • Shaw Nature Reserve
  • Powder Valley
  • Plus numerous garden clubs and organizations.

Most of his programs last an hour and he uses Power Point, audience participation and even music to make it not only a learning experience, but also a fun sixty minutes.

Tom can be reached at