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Mycorrhizal Fungi

I’m going to use this page to add in information about this topic.

Here’s some good information from Gabe Brown on Mycorrhizal Fungi. One of the reasons I use Pro-Mix BX is because it has this fungi.

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American Ladies on Pearly Everlasting


If there’s one plant that I’m always guaranteed to have larvae on every year, it’s Pearly Everlasting. I’ve already raised one generation of American Ladies on this plant and now I’ve got even more larvae. I’m hoping that all those spikes on the caterpillar will keep away all the wasps that seem to be in the garden.

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Butterfly Garden Tour – Saturday – 8am

I’m having a tour of the butterfly garden tomorrow – Saturday – June 22 – starting at 8am.

Please come and visit if you’re interested.


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Cabbage White and Cocoons?


I brought some cabbage white larvae inside to show to a group and a couple of days later when I looked at them I saw all these cocoons in a bunch. I can’t quite figure out how they got there since I didn’t see them before. Right now I’ve got the cocoons in a sealed container to see what emerges – we’ll keep you posted. There’s also that little red blob near the top – I’m not sure what that is either. I’m guessing these are wasps. The larvae were inside one of my caterpillars and emerged in this form.


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Free Butterfly Gardening Program Tonight


If you’re interested in learning about Butterfly Gardening, I’m doing a free program tonight at Powder Valley – 6pm.


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Mother Nature Finally Shows Up


After a cold long winter, Mother Nature is finally showing up in my butterfly gardens. One of the nice things about having a butterfly garden are all the other critters that show up even when butterflies are scarce. Here’s what I saw today.

  • First hummingbird
  • First goldfinch
  • First Black Swallowtail larvae on Rue
  • Turtle
  • Chipmunk
  • Two hawks
  • Honey Bees on Nepeta

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American Lady – One of My First Visitors


Since it’s early in the season, it’s always fun to see a butterfly which is willing to pose for the camera. This American Lady really seems to enjoy the nectar from the Nepeta – Walkers Low. This is one of my favorite nectar plants these days and will bloom most of the summer.  I also have some larvae on my Pearly Everlasting so I’m assuming that the Lady is responsible.



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