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2018 – Dates – Notes – Plants – ToDo

Plants for these people/schools/groups.
If you know of a St. Louis group or school that wants plants for 2018 – let me know.

  • Yvonne D – church – butterfly garden
  • Jonny – Mary S. – kids program – plant seeds – around March 1st.
  • Kennerly School – Sheri S. – BG
  • Cub Scouts – Pack 580

Seeds to Buy

  • Zinnia profusion double hot cherry – did very well in 2017
  • Marigold Golden Gate


Asclepias curassavica doesn’t compete well with Incarnata or large zinnias. In the back, only plant it without other tall plants.

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Help Feed the Bees – Sunday 11 a.m.

bees-Andy-DSC05061-600We can use your help this Earth Day, Sunday April 23rd at 11 a.m. at Whitecliff Park in Crestwood., Missouri.

Crestwood has been designated a Bee City USA and the Boy Scouts have built a bee hive at Whitecliff and the bees will soon be arriving.

What we are trying to do at the Whitecliff Recreation Center is provide them with plenty of pollinator plants for them to make their honey and survive the winter.

If you have an hour to spare, we can use your help plating.
Adults, Boy/Girl Scouts and really any one who can dig a hole is welcome.
If you have any questions, email

Whitecliff Recreation Center
9245 Whitecliff Park Ln
Crestwood, MO 63126


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Compost Program at MoBot

There’s a free program about compost at the Missouri Botanical Garden on November 10th – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes a free lunch.


Click on this link to get the seminar brochure.

You do need to signup ahead of time.

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Dr. Lincoln Brower – Monarchs

Dr. Lincoln Brower has just posted a new program on the Monarch Migration via YouTube. Unfortunately, the news is not good. While the population was up last year, 2016 looks bleak for a number or reasons.

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Tom Terrific – Yard of the Month — Beautify Crestwood

Story by Josie Green May 2016 – 9016 Robyn Rd. 63126 Every year at the close of the growing season Tom Krauska, aka Tom Terrific, begins preparing a garden party for butterflies by collecting seeds from his milkweed plants. In February he starts about 900 plants in his basement. He also saves hundreds of seeds […]

via Tom Terrific – Yard of the Month — Beautify Crestwood

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Missouri Botanical Garden Notes

September 1, 2015

Cosmos-sulphureus-ladybird – 12 to 18″
Low growing – lots of color late in the year.


Rudbeckia-missouriensis  – falls over so give it room – still blooming, but no insects on it.


Shining Blue Star – this one they cut down to the ground – others they kept large.


Purple Dome New England Aster – this is not trimmed – about 48″wide and 30″tall. I’m going to replace a lot of my NEA with this variety.


Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii Goldstrum – seems more upright than Missouriensis.



Partridge Pea – notice that they cut theirs back about 50% – this keeps it from flopping over.








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Save the Monarch – Butterfly Gardening


Tom Terrific will present the “Ten Commandments of Butterfly Gardening” program at the Crestwood Community Center, 9245 Whitecliff Park Ln, Crestwood, MO 63126.

The date is Saturday – May 23rd and the program will begin at 10 A.M.and will last until 11:30 A.M.

The program is free and is geared mainly toward adults, but interested children are welcome. This would be an excellent program for Boy and Girl Scouts interested in setting up a butterfly garden.

Tom will show you how to attract and keep butterflies in your yard, patio or apartment balcony. He will talk about site selection, preparation, host and nectar plants, native plants, sun/shade and lots more.

Tom will also talk about what people can do to help the Monarch butterfly whose population is at historic lows.

After the program you are invited to tour Tom’s butterfly gardens in Crestwood to see the 100 butterfly plant species that he grows.

Tom uses pictures, video and hands-on exhibits to teach participants everything they need to know to create a butterfly paradise.

His website is a good place to checkout ahead of time.

He personally guarantees that you will find the program – Terrific!

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