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Inexpensive Trees and Shrubs

2016-tress-shrubs-moEvery year the state of Missouri offers inexpensive trees and shrubs for sale. They can be as little as $1.00 or less, depending on how many you order. The catch is that you have to buy in large quantities, so call your neighbors and friends and see if you can come up with the minimum.

Click on the link below to get the brochure and order form. Many plants will be sold out, so the quicker you order the better.

From their list, I grow Tulip Poplar, Hackberry, Willow, and Spicebush.

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Bill Ruppert’s Plant Picks

Bill Ruppert, one of the areas best known plant experts and speakers has a list of what he calls, “Bill’s choice perennial plant PICKS for lower Midwest landscapes and gardens.”

I’ve grown many of Bill’s plant recommendations, but haven’t tried some of his new cultivars. I’d recommend you give them a try this coming year. Click here for the complete list.


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