Gardening Tests

I am going to use this page to record different gardening tests and their results.3

3/1/19Started MW with and without bottom heat
 2/24/19Started dwarf dill, cilantrol, parsley, Ammi,
2/22/19Started Zinnia angustifolia inside – 3 seeds per cell.  Also testing fiber cells.4 day germiantion!
2/20/19Start thyme – mother with and w/o vermiculite on top.

feb20 (1)

2019 above2019 above2019 above
8/15/18Tried Milo on yellowing salvia.Two weeks later the salvia is dark green.
8/1/18Cut Threadleaf coreopsis back by half to encourage blooming.Sept. 5 – cut back portion has not bloomed. The other side is blooming slightly.
8/1/18Cut Pearly Everlasting to ground – will it come back?No – there do seem to be buds in other areas.
 5/29/18Rudbeckia fulgida fulgida – dug it up with a big ball of dirt vs using small pots of it I dug up.It seems to be best if you let the seedlings grow to fist size, then dig them up with a clump of dirt and move them to their permanent location.
 3/30/2018Allium – separated and put in cells outside 2 weeks ago.They seem to be doing ok – even in 29 degree weather.
 3/30/18Test Burnout vs Vinegar Burnout is MUCH better.
 3/30/2018Added Osmocote to the top of some plants – will it help? NO – plants seemed to die.
 3/20/18 Planted gomphrena – 85 degrees with bottom heat versus 78 degrees no heat.Bottom heat is only slightly better. Almost all the seeds germinated.
 3/14/18Started zinnia angustifolia in either 36 or 72 cells
3/10/18 Planted 25 Tropical MW seeds outside.They did not do well. It is too wet and cold,
 3/4/18Planted Tropical MW seeds inside 3/20 – 90% germination in both trays with heat underneath.
 2/27/18Divided allium and left them outside. They seem to be fine – even under the snow. I also put them around the mailbox area.
Feb. 23, 2017Soaked some annual MW seeds for 24 hours – will that help in germination? No difference
Feb 23, 2017Gibberellic acid – will it aid germination of different milkweed species? Soaked some for 24 hours.Mainly no difference, except for Common MW – I got 4 seeds to germinate.
 Sept 15 2016Planted red clover and annual rye – they germinated well. Will they over-winter? Note – Temp on Dec 18th – 4 degreesFeb 2017 – both plants have overwintered. I need to trim rye grass.
 9/16/2016 Cut seed pods off Allium Millenium – will it keep blooming? NO, but it still blooms a long time.
 9/16/2016I cut back Profusion Zinnia to the ground because it was dying. It did not come back.
 June 30, 2016 I cut rose campion to the ground – since it’s part of the Lynchis family – will it bloom again? NO
 June 30, 2016 I cut bubblegum monarda to the ground – will it bloom again?NO
 Best soil temperature to germinate seeds – tropical mikweed
1. 74 degrees – tray with lid – no bottom heat

2. 80 degrees – tray with bottom heat and lid3. 90 degrees – tray with bottom heat and lid

 Best results are 80 degrees and seed covered. Seed shown germinated in five days using Pro-Mix.
 2/20/16Germination Test

  1. Vermiculite – SOT Seeds on Top
  2. Ver – SC = Seeds covered
  3. Ver+Osmo-SOT
  4. Ver+Osmo-SC
  5. 1/2V +1/2PM-SOT
  6. 1/2V +1/2PM-SC
  7. 1/2V +1/2PM+Osmo-SOT
  8. 1/2V +1/2PM+Osmo-SC
  9. Ver+Mycor-SOT
  10. Ver+Mycor+Osmo-SOT
  11. ProMix-SOT
  1. 8 seeds germinating
  2. 11
  3. 6
  4. 10
  5. 8
  6. 6
  7. 9
  8. 6
  9. 7
  10. 6
  11. 7
  12. March 2nd
  13. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if the seeds are on top or covered.
 Jan 21, 2016 Moving seeds with leaves, but no TRUE leaves and putting them in 6 pack to see if they will transplant. Covered with plastic top.
They moved without any problem.
 Jan 21, 2016 Propagating Incarnata three ways – alum can, glass cup, standard propagation in media and plastic bag
Aluminum can developed some roots – not as many as I’d like – plain glass did not develop roots.
 Aug 10Planted more buckwheat in gardens by house in bare areas – I did not cover this. Does not germinate – needs dirt on top.
 Aug 4 Planted buckwheat in front garden – slightly covered with soil. Plants have germinated well.
 July 10Roundup alternative – 1 gal vinegar + 1 cup Dawn + 1 cup table salt. Kills small plants, but larger weeds it only kills the tops and they come back from the root.
 July 6Planted Trop. MW  seeds in front. Seeds buried in the area by the Phone Line box and seeds not buried in the center garden. Aug 5 – seeds are only about two inches high.
June 10Try Purple MW from American Meadows? Seems to be staying smaller. I think that the plants I have tried in the past were the standard NEA – not Purple Dome
 May-JuneI cut back the New England Aster to 18″on May 1 and June 1. Plants still have gotten tall. These are aggressive growers.
2015Test different weed/grass killers – 100% vinegar + dish detergent + oilarticle 1 – Nature’s Avenger – also Ammonia –Regular vinegar kills small young weeds – I usually spray two days in a row. It will not take down mature weeds.
April 18Put out mulch in the front and it covered a lot of seedlings. Will these seedlings die or will they grow through?Results
3/16/15Mycorrhiza Test – Pro-Mix has some, MG has none – Plus/Minus Micorr
3/14/15Pro-Mix versus Miracle Gro Organic and test Osmocote on top of soil versus in the soil.
Pro Mix BX wins – osmocote in the soil may be slightly better.
3/9/151. Spray Poa annua with 5% Vinegar – it’s still cool. so I’m not sure if this will work. 3/11 – I can see definite damage to the plants – sprayed again, but also included all the edging areas.  2. I added 4 oz Murphys Oil Soap to 28 ounces of plain Vinegar. 3. Note – I found Cleaning Vinegar at Home Depot. It does not state the percentage, but the MSDS says approximately 5% – how is this any different then plain vinegar?
1. Does ok on the Poa, but will need two or more applications – other weeds are not affected or will take multiple applications.
2/27/15Start tropical milkweed – one with bottom heat and one without. Both have a shop light on top of them.Bottom heat wins – right now I’ve got 40 plants in the bottom heat and none on the other.
2/19/15Soak milkweed seed in 190 degree water for 12 hours before planting – they also mention doing this three times for a 50% germination rate. I’m going to give this a try with Incarnata, Hop Tree and Echnacea.March 14 – nothing is germinating.
2/17/15I’m checking to see if Asclepias incarnata will root from cuttings using my standard method.
Yes – it’s doing well – I’ve taken a 2nd cutting also.
2/10/15Testing different type of potting medium to see how it affects germination. I’ve had good luck with vermiculite in the past and I’m testing that versus 50/50 mix vermiculite/potting soil and also a version with Osmocote+.
3 plants – Potting soil  plants – 50/50 mix-4plants – 50/50 mix and osmocote5 plants – 100% VermiculiteWinner – 7 plants and they are stronger looking – 100 Vermiculite + osmocote
2/9/15As I clean the gardens, I am digging up some plants, anise hyssop, and putting them in pots, but leaving them outside. I wonder how they will do?
After I set these plants out the weather has turned extremely cold in February. Hyssop did survive!
1/31/15Starting milkweed seeds in 100% Vermiculite. Testing whether watering from the top or watering from the bottom makes any difference. I’m using Jacks liquid fertilizer in the water.No Difference
1/23/15Started Ech. paradoxa inside – seeds are VERY tightly packed on the seed head. According to PrairieMoon, this species is used to hybridize with other Echinacea species. Theory – if this germinates, then I can plant it all over the garden and come up with my own species?ZERO Germination!
1/25/14Cold Stratification – Test #2 – Tried a different formula – 1/4 cup sand + 1/4 tsp hot water + seeds. Some in frig and some outside. Feb. 26th – brought seeds inside and planted them.Table Cell
1/20/15Cold Stratification Tests 30 days – silica sand, regular sand, vermiculite and one pot of potting soil. 1/3 cup of each + 2 tsp of water. Left outside instead of refrigerator. I did put some seeds in the refrigerator to see if there was any difference. Note – I also started some seeds inside where it’s warm also.Feb. 26th – brought seeds inside and planted them.
Note – from my class at SNR – 1 month is too short a time. 3 months would be better.
1/18/15I am starting the process of cleaning up my beds and one of my coreopsis had some small green sprigs on its long arms. I wondered if these would root and give me new plants if I planted them?I got about 14 possible new plants.
90% of these plants seem to be living.
1/19.15Can I get common milkweed to root via layering the stem in soil?
Table Cell
9/9/14Test 05 – Planted Common Milkweed in 6 pack containers on top of soil.From Everwilde – says it doesnt need cold stratification. 2 or more seeds per cell. I tested 36 seeds and only got 2 to live. These might be better off germinating outside.
8/3/14Test 04 – Some Incarnata is looking terrible and looks as if it’s dying. – I dug it up, cut off the tops, split it and put it in pots in water. Other plants in the area have died.Results -Most of the plants survived and are doing better.
8/2/14Test 03 – tried cutting out parts of Echinacea that are diseased. Will this stop the disease or has it already spread to all parts of the plant?Results – NO – disease seems to be in the whole plant,
7/23/14Curassavica – brand new seeds – seem to be germinating on the ground. Testing new seeds on top of soil vs seeds planted under soil. Seeds on top of the soil germinate in approximately one week – very amazing. These are brand new seeds taken from growing plants.
7/15/14Test 001 – Cut down New Eng Aster to ground – will it come back and when? Aug 2 – plant is only 1″ off the ground.Sept 10 – plant is about 12″ tall, no blooms. Most of the other NEA is just starting to bloom.Conclusion – 7/15 is too late to cut to ground. Only cut back part way.
7/9/2014Cheyenne Echinacea – started from seed.Two plants blooming yellow – low growing. Bees seems to like it. Sept. 10 – not doing as well now,
7/9/2014Sprayed Nut Grass with Ortho WeedbGone Max in area by trash cansSeems to be killing nut grass
7/8/2014Cut Daisy May to ground, it was done blooming – it bloomed all at once,  and added some fertilizer – I wonder how it will come back?Plant is coming back – Sept 10 plants are starting a 2nd bloom – low grower.

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