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2014 Calendar – ToDo

Feb. 24 – Visit Elliot Chapel Day School Garden area to evaluate. Give them milkweed seeds to plant.

March 12 – Concord Elementary – PEGS – plant milkweed seeds inside

April 2 – BG Program for Jefferson County Master Gardeners – 6:30 pm

April 5 – Greenscape Gardens – Butterfly Gardening Program

April 18 – Elliot Chapel Day School – donate plants to them.

June 24 – Plants for Head Start Gardens

July 23 – Eagle Scout Project help.

Sept. 2nd – 6pm – Kirkwood Garden Club to visit.

Sept. 8th – Wildwood Garden club to visit – 10 am

Sept. 9th– Richmond Heights Garden Club to visit 6:30 pm

Sept. 10th – Plants for St. Josephs Academy – 4pm

Nov. 4th – Ambrose Family center in Webster Groves school district – Teacher to visit and listen to my BG program on TV

Nov. 18th – Elliot Chapel Day School – helped setup a cage for 6 new Monarch butterflies.


New Plants

2014 – Echinacea – Cheyenne Spirit  – – $8 + ship for 25 seeds- ordered

2014 – Sedum – Maestro Sedum – – ordered
2014 – Sedum – Class Act Sedm – – – ordered
2014 – Dianthus a11341 Everlast Lilac + Eye Dianthus – – ordered
2014 – Phlox paniculata – A13663 Glamour Girl Phlox – ordered

Try Verbna bonareinsis – Lollipop- a smaller version – may reseed. I haven’t found a source for seed. At Mobot, it does not have mildew. – has Lollipopo – expensive shipping.Wait until it gets warmer to ship.

Try Agastache – Blue Boa. Doing well at Mobot.

Try Sedum erythrostictum – Frost Morn – nice at Mobot.

Try Sedum Maestro – Proven Winners – recommended by Trial Gardens at UGA

Try Michaelmas Daisy  – Blue Lagoon – it’s supposed to be smaller. Mobot Link Here.

Maltese cross was main WOW plant in the spring.

Take out most  Autumn Joy sedum – it’s too big and floppy.

Put in NE Aster about every 10′ in most areas

Keep false nettle about 5′ from the edge in back.

Cut back NE Aster in May, June and July 4th – then leave it alone? Try some experiments on this. Give it some room to grow.

As I look at my mid-September garden I’m looking for ways to make it better next year. Here’s what I see.


Take out New Eng. Aster and Shasta Daisies – Use this area to start seeds


Take out Pearly Everlasting – add something in front of the Shasta Daisy.


Lantana in the front is doing great. For some reason the area by the Viburnum is not doing as well as the other side. does it need more sun?


My sedum all have a tendency to get tall and spread out. I’d like to find a variety that doesn’t fall over.


Milkweed needs it own area by itself. It’s getting outgrown by lantana in the back-side garden. Possibly put it where the Culvers Root used to be.


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