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Butterfly Gardening Class

Note – the first two sources are a bit dated, but will give you the basics.

Start by reading my free Butterfly Gardening Book.

2nd – Watch my Butterfly Gardening Youtube video.

3. Start thinking about a location.
Think small, sunshine and water.

I’ve got a shop light I’m giving away for seed starting.
If you’re interested email

If you are interested in starting your own seeds inside, here is my latest light recommendation.

Potting Mix Recommendation
The “Pros” use Pro-Mix – it’s on sale right now at Menards.
You will also need to add slow release fertilizer – I use Osmocote Plus.
According to one video, the Myco will last up to two years.

Seeds – I usually start planting around May 1st in St. Louis so I start my seeds inside around March 1st.
You can buy inexpensive seeds at …..

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Free Butterfly Gardening Program

Click Here to Register – Oct. 8th.- 10 am – Powder Valley

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Recent Garden Videos

The St. Louis County recently sponsored a number of excellent gardening videos which are now available on YouTube. This is one of the finest collection of speakers and instruction that I have ever seen. Enjoy!

Below is a summation of the videos and their location.

Keynote: Let It Be An Oak by Doug Tallamy

A 3-Year Suburban Landscape Makeover by Dave Tylka

Life in the Soil by Jerry Pence

Native Plant Gardens Bring Pollinators by Nina Fogel and Jenny Mullikin

Investing in Native Trees and Shrubs by Meridith McAvoy Perkins

Garden Maintenance for Wildlife: A New Way to Garden by Scott Woodbury

Rainscaping with Native Plants by Allison Joyce and Cody Hayo

Homegrown National Park by Jean Ponzi

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Free Milkweed Plants for Schools and Non-Profits

Monarch Watch is offering free milkweed plants to schools and non-profits.

Here are the details.

“If your school or non-profit educational organization is interested in this conservation measure, we can help you create a habitat for monarchs and pollinators.

Please apply using this form:

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Free Magazine

Missouri residents can get the Missouri Conservationist magazine mailed to their house, just for the asking. It not only has great articles about nature in general, but also nice articles on butterflies. You can subscribe at

Non-residents can view the current and past issues by going to the same link.

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Garden Tour – June 16th

garden-01-500My garden is part of the FREE Crestwood Garden Tour 2018.

If you’d like to visit my butterfly garden, plus a number of other gardens in the Crestwood area, please start your tour at 9016 Robyn Rd. …63126.
I will have handouts for the other gardens locations.

June 16th 9 a.m. to noon.



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Garden Tour – June 17th

I am part of a Crestwood Garden Tour that I’m sure many fellow gardeners would enjoy.

Saturday – June 17th, from 9 a.m. to noon.
It will be followed by a get-together at The Barn to meet fellow gardeners.
1015 Sappington Rd, St. Louis, MO 63126

This is a FREE event, so we’re expecting a large crowd.
You can signup and get details by emailing

You may also just show up at my house and I’ll give you a list of locations and a map.
9016 Robyn Rd – 63126

Crestwood has some world class gardeners in our community who have been very gracious in opening up their yards to show us their beautiful yards.

Included in the tour, you will see:

  • Day-lilies and Hostas
  • Native and Pollinator Plants
  • Butterfly Gardening
  • Chickens in the Back Yard
  • Perennials and Roses
  • Raised Bed Gardening
  • Shade Gardening

If you are interested in learning more about Beautify Crestwood, you can subscribe to their website at or email them at
They are also on Facebook at


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National Organic Farming Handbook

Here’s a free book just out from the USDA. While it is meant for large farms, the principles can still be applicable to small home gardens. Here’s the link.


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Free Butterfly Gardening Book



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