2023 New Plants

Solidago canadensis – Little Miss Sunshine – 12 to 18″ Wiethops

Leucanthemum x superbum – Madonna – 8 – 10″ – Wiethops


2022 Plants to try

Chamaenerion angustilolium – Fireweed – direct seed in fall

Cleome lutea – Yellow Bee Plant – plant in fall.

Cosmos sulphureus – Bright Lights Cosmos – plant early spring.

Thymophilla tenuiloba – Dahlberg Daisy – plant early spring

Verbena bonareinsis Finesse
Tom –  Are these resistant to mildew?
The Trial Gardens @ UGA Tom resistant…yes. But not completely, these have a little at the bottoms. But this cultivar is much better than most in this respect.


2019 – new plants to try

Clinopodium arkansanum – Germination: sown in the fall or spring (after 2-3 months cold-moist stratification). Seeds ordered from mowildflowers in 2018. Order plants for Whitecliff in 2019.

Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Stallone’ syn. E. karvinskianus ‘Profusion’!/ – Ground cover – start inside.

Gateway joe pye weed –

Kale – Amazon – Dwarf Blue Scotch Kale – $2 – bought from Sow No GMO

Russian Sage – Denim and Lace – a smaller variety.

Lavender Munstead

Cuphea hyssopifolia, Mexican Heather – low growing at Meramec – lots of bees in August

Ruellia simplex – Mexican Petunia – treat as an annual in St. Louis – host plant for buckeyes.

2018 – new plants to try

Coreopsis verticillata Grandiflora – rhizotamous and will form a colony that can be divided when mature – you can buy this at

Dahlias – I tried six different varieties – August they look poorly and have few blooms. I finally pulled them out in September.

Golden Butterfly™ Marguerite Daisy Argyranthemum frutescens – Proven winners

Great St. John’s Wort (Hypericum pyramidatum) – – Whitecliff

Rockin’™ Deep Purple Salvia hybrid – proven winners – looks like wendys wish

Zinnia – Forecast – Burpee – they claim mildew-resistance. Planted seed in the soil and they look great on August 1st.

Seeds I Bought for 2018

Steppables Below

Ajuga reptans –
Alyssum Royal Carpet – 3 days
Creeping Thyme Magic Carpet – 6 days
Creeping Thyme Mother of Thyme – this is my best. Nothing else did that well.

Dill – Fern Leaf – dwarf – a great pollinator plant. Burpee – They don’t germinate well in the soil – try to start them inside next year.

Poppies –
Pussytoes Red – 4 days – doing well
Rock Cress Cascading
Sedum acre – 4 days
Sedum Dragons Blood – 3 days
Sedum oreganum – 3 days
Snow in Summer – 6 days
Veronica repens – 6 days – bought March 27 – only $1/pack

Agastache cana ‘Heather Queen’ (20 commercial seeds)
Anaphalis ‘New Snow’ – Pearly Everlasting (50 seeds)
Aster (annual) Single Flower Mix (50 seeds)
Celosia spicata ‘Punky Red’
Gaillardia ‘Goblin’ (25 commercial seeds)
Gomphrena globosa Purple (10 commercial seed
Ipomopsis rubra (Hummingbird Plant) (50 seeds) – died out.
Lychnis viscaria (German catchfly) (50 seeds) – did not germinate
Verbena stricta (20 seeds)

2018 New Plants to Try

Zinnia hybrid – Lowes – May 30, 2018 – bought 54 plants for $15.00. I gave them to Kennerly school. They look great in September.

2017 – new plants to try.

AAS Winners –

Agastache – Kudos Silver Blue – Ace Hardware – smallish – don’t plant again.

Anaphalis triplinervis – I could not find this

Aster oblongifolius var. angustatus Raymond’s Favorite

Aster – Woods Blue – or other Woods asters – rabbits eat this down to the ground.

Buddliea White Ball

Calamint – Montrose White and Montrose Blue – sterile seeds – Greenscape in the fall.

Celosia spicata flamingo – Botanical Interests – Seeds –

Celosia intenz – grows in Ucity – 2016 – I won a plant and it’s in the garden. It does attract some butterflies and bees. 10 skippers, 1 buckeye, 1 bee –

Click to access Coreopsis_Report_web_version.pdf

Coreopsis palustris ‘Summer Sunshine’
Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’
Coreopsis integrifolia ‘Last Dance’
Coreopsis ‘Gilded Lace’
C. tripteris

Celosia intenz  – annual – front yard

Cuphea ignea – Cigar Plant – David Verity – 30″ x 30″ – zone 10 – attracts a few pollinators, but not many

Dianthus – Jolt – Ordered from

Dicliptera suberecta – zone 7 – hummingbird plant – Meramec plant sale. July 10 – not blooming.

Erysimum ‘Bowles’ Mauve’ – – bought at home depot – July 10 not doing well. – Took out Aug 12.

African marigold

Hydrangea paniculata – Limelight – I bought 12 of these – 3 gallon top grow as a hedge – July 10 – they have been blooming for a month, but aren’t attracting the pollinators.

Little joe – joe pye weed – Jo L has this.

Eupatorium dubium – Baby Joe – Joe Pye Weed – bought at Wiethops

Downy skullcap – Scutellaria incana – blooming well at Whitecliff

Lantana – Santana Gold – 18″ tall x 18″ wide – Wiethops

Lavandula pinnata – Fernleaf Lavender – Ace Hardware – this is a tropical plant.

Lobelia speciosa – Queen Victoria – reddish leaves – died out July 10.

Rudbeckia Little Goldstar –  Sapp Gardens, lowes, sugar creek.

Sage – Blue Monday – Meramec – DIED – June 2017

Salvia – Wendy’s Wish – 36″ tall x 36″ wide – this works well on north side pot plus the front of the house. Hummingbirds love it.

Zinnia – Northern Lights – Seeds at Mobot/sappington garden – this is award winning plant.

Zinnia – Profusion red – All-America 2017 – starts easily from seed –

Zinnia – uproar rose. – I didn’t see any actually germinate in 2017

Zinnia angustifolia – Star Gold – Meramec CC – 6 packs – 18″ tall x 36″ wide. Aug 25 – looks great and makes a nice border. Does this come true from seed? Plant 12″ apart – worked well.

Zinnia marylandica – Zahara Starlight Rose – smallish – not impressive. Don’t plant again.

Butterfly Puddle – He says you have to replace sand in birdbath every month. He uses sand mixed with 2 Tab of composted cow manure.



Aphanostephus sp. – Lazy Daisy – A – 18″ tall – 2016 – – did not germinate.

Ascelpias asperula – Antelope Horn – 24″ tall – 2016 – Some seed has germinated with no cold treatment – some is in the frig. Try again in 2017, but plant in the soil in November.

Asclepias hirtella – Tall Green Milkweed. Germinates from seed after two months in frig.Try again in 2017, but plant in the soil in November.

Echinacea Pom Pom – this is a smaller variety – it looks nice, but may not be as good a nectar source.

Gomphrena – Pink Zazzle – barely alive – disappointing.
Kalimeris incisa ‘Blue Star’ – 18″ – full sun –

Kalimeris integrifolia Daisy Mae – 24″

Lantana – Bandana Red or Cherry Sunrise – 2016

Rudbeckia fulgida fulgida – Native USDA – 2016 – has a smaller flower. It’s not a great nectar source, but I did see 4 skippers on it. Little disease. It blooms longer than other Rudbeckia. I have about 15 seedlings from last year’s plant.

Salvia microphylla – Hot Lips  – 3’x3′ – 2016 Not as strong as Lady in Red. Smaller flowers. Don’t grow again.

SunPatiens – Compact Pink  – 2016 – did just fair.

Verbesina enceliodes – Cowpen Daisy or Golden Crownbeard – A – 3′ tall -2016 – Only one germinated. – It has a nice flower, but died out on August 8th. Don’t cover seed when germinating.

Veronica – pink – Giles Van Hess – 2016

Zinnia – Profusion – 2016 – looks great and is a low grower – it’s a good pollinator plant. Plant 12″ apart next year. If you plant them farther apart they will spread out and leave a hole in the middle. Sept 11 – plants look poorly, but they still are attracting lots of butterflies. I’ve lost three plants. Orange ones are still alive Nov 1st. Seeds from plants have germinated on the ground.


Achillea millefolium – Yarrow – N – white – – Got rid of it – not very pretty.
Agalinis tenuifolia – – buckeye Slender Gerardia HA Buckeye – No Egg Laying – Died out M
Agastache – anise hyssop – black adder – sterile – Aug 1-doing great – B – a bit tall – it falls over – next year is even better – but DIED OUT after I cut it back. May not be winter hardy in St. Louis. I bought some more and it has come back. 2017 – Some seedlings around a dead plant.
Agastache – Standstone – 10 inches- doing well, just a few bumblebees on it- DIED over the winter
Agastache aurantiaca – Sunset Yellow Hyssop – 18 inches – seems to be doing ok few insects on it – DIED over the winter
Agastache foeniculum Anise Hyssop PN Four foot tall, but good nectar plant M – reseeds too much.
Agastache Fortuna Azul –
AGASTACHE FRAGRANT MIXED-91572 N Cab Whites likes this -flops over. – not too good – most died out.
Agastache rupeestris Sunset Hyssop NA Nice display…expensive – from Jackson and Perkins Died 2007 M
Alcea Halo Cerise (SHS-01176) = $2.50 –
Alcea Halo Mix (SHS-01177) = $2.50 –
Alcea Nigra (‘The Watchman’) hollyhock (20 commercial seeds) – – ordered 43% Germination. Plants are gigantic and bushy, but no flowering in 2014.indian
Alcea rosea – Chaters – hardy perennial? – Did not germinate – bought from Monets Garden. Started 6 seeds inside and will plant some outside. MOBOT – says that these will not flower the first year.
Alcea rosea – Fiesta Time – full sun- got rust – had yo pull it out.

Allium – Costco – April 14 – it is starting to bloom. The plant leaves are large and the blooms are small. I am not impressed. I was looking for really large blooms. I’ll be taking this out.
Allium – Millenium – bloomed for a long time – good nectar plant – Mobot says that the seeds are sterile? This came back very strong the next year.
Allium schoenoprasum Chives NP
Aloysia triphylla Lemon Verbena NP? Test for 2005 – came back in 2006.It’s leggy with no blossoms July 27 Died 2008
Alyssum HNA Cab White I’m keping this in a pot as it reseeds too freely.
Ammi Majus False Queen Anne’s Lace HNA Black Swallowtail Also called BISHOP’S WEED, BULLWORT, LACE FLOWERDoesn’t last long. M
Amsonia illustris Shining Blue Star HNP Snowberry Clearwing Moth -MO Native M
Anaphalis margaritacea Pearly Everlasting HP Painted and American Lady Excellent host plant in spring+ pretty flowers in the fall. Falls over – try pruning – M
Andropogon scoparius Little Bluestem H Skippers – did well –
Antennaria Pussy Toes HP Painted Lady + American lady Low growing – AM Lady arvae 2007 M
Apocynum cannabinum Dogbane NP Invasive – looks like milkweed.I’m pulling out. M
Argyranthemum – butterfly – Marguerite Daisy – blooms all summer???? – 36 inches – July 5th – still blooming – 8/29 – needs dead heading – NO insects on it.- DIED over the winter
Aristolochia Durior Pipevine HP Pipevine Swallowtail 2010 – found 4 larvae – ironically I was killing all the Pipevine because it is so invasive. I growing it in a pot – it came back fine in 2013. H
Artemisia absinthium Wormwood H American Lady Gets Tall and wide. M
Artemisia Schmidtiana Silver Mound H Painted Lady Died out M
Asarum canadense Wild Ginger H? Host Pipevine 3700 results google- it doesn’t like the heat and sun. It dies back during the summer. I hope it comes back. M
Asclepias Cinderella HP Monarch A new variety of Incarnata M
Asclepias Curassavica Tropical Milkweed HNA Monarchs + Spring Azure Blooms all summer + easy to start. This is especially good for migrating fall Monarchs. The Spring Azure lays it’s eggs on the unopened flower buds. M
Asclepias fruticosa Swwan Plant HNA Monarchs Unusual Pods
Asclepias incarnata ‘Soulmate’ (SHS-0892) = $2.65 – – poor germination. July 31 – one plant is Spectacular! It is flowering and also the seed pods look great. I had to start this inside in late Feb.
Asclepias Incarnata Swamp Milkweed HNP Monarch Will grow under most any condition. M
Asclepias purpurescensPurple milkweed Slow Grower M
Asclepias Speciosa -Showy Milkweed HNP Monarch Died out M
Asclepias sullivantii – Sullivans Milkweed”- 36 inches – doing poorly in July 2015 – In 2016 it is coming back, but very weakly.
Asclepias sullivantii Prairie Milkweed HN Monarch It supposedly is less aggressive than common milkweed – I hope! – DIED OUT
Asclepias syriaca – Common Milkweed.. HNP Monarch I’m taking this out. In the home garden with good soil, it is too invasive. I’m going to try and grow it in a pot. M
Asclepias Tuberosa – Butterfly Weed HNP Monarch Great plant ! M
Asclepias verticillata Whorled Milkweed HN Monarch
Asclepias verticillata Whorled Milkweed HN Monarch 2′-full sun –
Asclepias-exaltata Poke milkweed HN Monarch Seneca Hill Perennials – Died out
Asimina triloba – Paw Paw – in a pot. – Growing poorly – DIED over the winter.
Asimina triloba Paw Paw Tree HP Zebra Swallowtail The rabitts like this – protect with a fence. M
Aster – Misc + New England HNP Pearl Crescent The best fall nectar plant. There are different varieties. My butterflies prefer the purplish flower to others. M
Aster – Purple Dome – ordered six from American Meadows – $30 A – NICE – My Favorite Now!
Aster cordifolius Heat-leaved Aster HNP Pearl Crescent M
Aster drummondii Drummond Aster HNP Pearl Crescent
Aster dumosusWood’s Pink 16″ tall – 2007
Aster frikartii Monch – – received small plant after 5 days – barely alive – – may not be hardy. DIED
Aster laevis Smooth Aster HNP Pearl Crescent M – 6/22/2016 – 60″ cut back in June. I took this out in 2017.
Aster oblongifolius Aromastic Aster HNP Pearl Crescent Fall bloomer M
Aster oolentangiensis Sky Blue Aster HNP Pearl Crescent M
Aster paludosus Prarie Aster HNP Pearl Crescent Fall bloomer – DIED
Aster patens Purple Daisy NP Doing Great M
Aster puniceus var firmus Swamp Aster HNP Pearl Crescent Fall bloomer M
Aster turbinellus – Prairie Aster – 36 inches – 2016 – came back but poorly
Astrantia ‘Moulin Rouge’ Red Masterwort HN Burpee – shade – Not sure wht happened to it. M
Baptisia – Twilight Prairie Blues H Wild Indigo Dusky Wing This is my 3rd try
Baptisia bracteata Cream Wild Indigo HP Wild Indigo dusky Wing Planted and died in 2005. My 2nd attempt. M
Bermuda Grass Bermuda Grass HP Fiery skipper I didn’t plant this, but it’s a battle not worth fighting. It does seem to bring in lots of skippers. M
Bidens alba NA t will reseed intself vigorously, so keep it in one area. M
Black cherryPrunus serotina HP Tiger Swallowtail, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple. M
Blephilia cilata- Ohio Horsemint – nice growth, but now it shows sign of dying. 2016 – doing well
Blephilia ciliata Ohio Horse Mint NP Died out 2007 M
Blood Root – NP Early spring flower M
Blue Fortune Hyssop PN Died out.
Boehmeria cylindrica False Nettle HP Red Admiral + Comma + Mourning cloak I’ve only seen Red Admirals on this – prefers shade. M
Boltonia asteroides “Snowbank” White Boltonia NP Fall color. 4′ wide and highPlant of Merit M
Brassica Kale KALE WALKING STICK – 91317 – – did not get to walking stick size.-Don’t Plant Again.
Brassica oleracea Kale -Winterbor HA Cabbage and checkered white Great M
Brassica oleracea Kale HA Cabbage and checkered white Great M
BUDDLEIA – Asian Moon Butterfly Bush – Santa Rosa Gardens – two plants for $24.- smaller plant. Seems stronger in 2013
Buddleia davidii – Butterfly Bush – NP The best overall nectar bush. M
Buddleia davidii -White Ball Dwarf Test for 2005 – forestfarm.comCame back in 2006 – died 2007
Buddleia davidii dwarf Buzz – magenta Purple Started out great, but later got sickly looking.Cut back to ground – 1 DIED – 1 Barely alive in 2013.
Buddleia davidiiPink Delight Butterfly Bush NP Died 2007
Buddleia Lo & Behold™ ‘Blue Chip’ PPAF Butterfly Bush N Minature – fair in the pot, but would probably have done better with dead heading. Butterflies did go to this. Overwintering in the garage. M
Buddleia Miss Ruby Wayside Gardens 46470 – midsize – doing ok, but needs a sunnier location
Buddleia nanho purple Dwarf Test for 2007 – worked well.
Buddleia nanhoensis ‘Petite Purple’ 4 – 5 feet- Bought at Sherwood Forest-STL. – very small – give it room.
Cardinal Flower Compliment Deep Red – – takes 5 days to receive – small plant
Cardinal Flower Queen Victoria – – takes 5 days to receive – small plant
Cardinal Flower Rose Princess – – ordered – takes 5 days to receive – small plant
Carex muskingumensis Palm Sedge H Dun Skipper, Dion Skipper Great in 2008
Carex stricta Tussock Sedge H Dun Skipper, Dion Skipper Great in 2008 – all of the grasses have done well, but take up too much space and I never saw in egg laying.
Caryopteris clandonensis – Dark Knight Bluebeard NP Test for 2005 – Gets larnicege.Not as attractive to butterflies as other plants are in the fall.
Catnip (Nepeta cataria) (50 commercial seeds) – – ordered

Ceanothus americanus HNP Spring Azure lays eggs on the unopened flower buds + the Mottled Dusky wing uses it as a host plant. M
Celandine Poppy – Stylophorum diphyllum M
Celtis occidentalis Hackberry Tree HP Hackberry, Question mark, Snout, Mourning Cloak 2006-Snout laying eggs on this. M
Celtis tenuifolia Hackberry dwarf – HP Hackberry, Question mark, Snout, Mourning Cloak Shrub or small tree M
Centranthus ruber Red Valerian NP Beautiful flowers – under river Birch M
Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush NP M
Cercis canadensis Redbud Tree HNP Henry’s Elfin Nectar plant in early spring M
Chamaecrista fasciculata Partridge Pea HA Little Yellow + Cloudless Sulphur It will reseed itself. M
Chasmanthium latifolium Northern Sea Oats H Pepper & salt skipper butterfly, Road Side Skipper,Northern Pearly-Eye Family: Poaceae May be invasive !Great in 2008 M
Chelone obliqua Rose Turtlehead HP Baltimore Checkerspot M
Chrysanthemum segetum – Semences – annual – started some inside
Cimicifuga simplex”Atropurpurea Black Snakeroot or Bugbane NP 6′ high shrubDied out after 2 months M
Cleome ‘Cherry Queen’ (50 seeds) – – ordered – 0% germination.
Cleome hassleriana Spider Flower – Sparkler Mix Hybrid NH Cab. White 0571 Park Seed –
Cleome hassleriana Spider flower HNA Cabbage White M
Clethra alnifoliaRuby Spice Summersweet Ruby Spice NP 5′ shrub – Planted 2005, died in 2005. M
Clover…whiteTrifolium repens. H Orange Sulphur In the yard, but I dont fight it. M
Conoclinium coelestinum Wild Ageratum comapct form NP Died out. M
Coreoposis pubescens – Star Coreopsis – 48 inches – DIED 2015.
Coreopsis – Moonbeam NP Low grower M
Coreopsis – PalmataPrairie Coreopsis Too invasive – I took it out. M
Coreopsis – Rosea NP Low grower M
Coreopsis aurculata – Nana NP 8″ tall M
Coreopsis auriculata ‘Zamfir’ Zamfir Eared Coreopsis NP Died out 2007 M
Coreopsis grandiflora Early Sunrise NP
Coreopsis grandiflora Santa Fe NP Test for 2006Died 2007
Coreopsis grandiflora-Baby Sun Coreopsis NP Test for 2005 – 20″
Coreopsis grandifloraSunfire 2007 – red center
Coreopsis lancelata -Lanceleaf Coreopsis NP Good grower. Died out after 2 years, but I reseeded. M
Coreopsis lanceolata Pot of Gold (SHS-0913) = $2.45 –
Coreopsis pubescens Star Tickseed – Sunshine Superman N Local Nursery – Did well and bloomed all summer, but it never attracted any butterflies. Will it come back? We’ll see. M
Coreopsis Redshift N Wayside Gardens 46313 – Died Out
Coreopsis tickseed – Daybreak – 10 inches – DIED
Coreopsis tinctoria Plains Cor. NA It reseeds vigorously. M
Coreopsis verticillata ‘Grandiflora’ NP M
Coreopsis….assorted NPA M
CoreopsisCremeBrule Coreopsis NP Test for 2005 – planted late in the seson Died 2007Hardy to -30F – also a new plant for 2006. It does not spread like Moonbeam. M
Cosmos – psyche mix NA Fast grower, but dies early. M
COSMOS BIPPINATUS RUBENZA Cosmos-Red COSMOS BIPPINATUS RUBENZA – 90050 – Died out after a couple of months
Cosmos Domino Mix Dwarf Died out after a couple of months
Cosmos sulphureus Cosmos Red, yellow and orange Died out after a couple of months
Cynanchum laeve Blue Sand Vine HA Milkweed vine. I don’t plant this, but it always seems to find a place in my garden.
Dahlia dwarf NA 2007 Test
DAISY – DAISY – “GARLAND”) – Aug 1-Looks TERRIBLE – some died .
Daisy – Montauk – it’s a mum which looks like a shasta daisy – Does terrible in our summer heat.
Daisy May – Daisy duke – Leucanthemum2 @ $8.50$17.00 Fair – Aug 1 not blooming – 2013 – I seem to have a big patch of this.
Daucus carota Queen Anne’s Lace HA Black swallowtail My butterflies seem to prefer other host plants. M
Dianthus – Neon Star NP 2007
Dianthus a11341 Everlast Lilac + Eye Dianthus – – ordered
Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William Doubles) (50 commercial seeds) – – 70% germination – looks good
Dianthus barbatus interspecific Amazon Neon Rose Magic NP? Showy – Park Seed
Dianthus barbatus Sweet William NB T’s flowers
Dianthus barbatusHeart Attack Sweet William NP? 2007 – I’ve pulled it out – it blooms for a short period of time and then nothing. M
DIANTHUS CHINENSIS BABY DOLL (0789) Seeds – start 4/115 seeds
Dianthus deltoides – Brilliant NP Wiethop 2007
Dianthus gratianopolitanus – Cheddar Pinks
Dianthus Pheasants Ear NP
DIANTHUS SUPRA PURPLE HYBRID (4099) Seeds – start 4/115 seeds
Dianthus… assorted NP It’s a good nectar plant for many butterflies. M
DianthusSpangled Star NP? Zone 5 – 7″ tall
Dictamnus-albus-var. purpureus Dittany – Gas Plant H Giant ST May cause skin irritation -Seneca Hill Perennials – Full sun to light shade – Died – July 1st M
Digitalis x mertonensis Foxglove NP Died out M
Dill-Fernleaf Dill H Black ST ParkSeed – unusual variety 0775- grows well from seed
Dill…Mammoth HA Black Swallowtail. Strong grower M
Dogwood HP Spring Azure M
Echinacea – Cheyenne Spirit – – $8 + ship for 25 seeds- ordered – 75% Germination – I had a about 3 three plants do well – they don’t get very tall – they are very colorful. It will be interesting to see if they come back in 2015
Echinacea Bravado Purple Coneflower NP The birds also like the seeds in the fall. M
Echinacea Magnus Purple Coneflower NP The birds also like the seeds in the fall. M
Echinacea Maui Sunshine N Wayside Gardens 48200- doing just fair.
Echinacea pallida Pale Purple Coneflower NP Beautiful,delicate blossom. Died 2nd time – I give up M
Echinacea paradoxa Yellow Coneflower NP Test for 2004 – minimal growth from seed.Looks better in 2005. M
Echinacea pupureaDouble Decker Wiethop -2008- did not flower, 2009 – Died
Echinacea purpurea Alba Purple Coneflower NP New for 2006
Echinacea purpurea Echinacea Pow wow Wild Berry N many ParkSeed – 0769 – only ten seeds! – Got Diseased – had to pull it.
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower NP The birds also like the seeds in the fall. M
Echinacea simulata Glade coneflower NP Same as terrificalis? 2007
Echinacea Tennesseensis Purple Coneflower NP Two new plants for 2006 M
EchinaceaSunrise Sunrise Coneflower NP New for 2005 – sunlightgardens – Died
EchinaceaWhite Swan White Coneflower Beautiful2007 = Wiethop – $1.25 M
Echinaceax Mango Meadowbrite Mango Meadowbrite Coneflower NP New for 2005 – sunlightgardens.comDied 2007
Echinops ritro Globe thistle HNP Painted Lady Save seed and start inside. M
Echium vulgare Blue-weed orViper’s bugloss NA M
Eupatorium coelestinum Wild Ageratum NA Reseeds itself – with a little help. M
Eupatorium purpureum Joe Pye Weed NP Tall
Eupatorium rogusum – Chocolate – Joe Pye Weed – 20 inches – 8/29 – mine only got 18″this first year. Interesting color, no insects on the blossoms. 2016 – not doing well. Took out.
Eupatorium serotinum NP Too tall and gangly for my garden.. M
Fanfare Gaillardia 1 @ $5.50$5.50 – fair growth – seeds did not germinate from this plant. – 2nd year very poor – don’t plant again
Fennel HA Black Swallowtail M
Foeniculum vulgare Bronze Fennel HP Black Swallowtail M
Fuchsia garenmeister Fair – used by a few hummers
Gaillardia – Mesa bicolor – 18 inches – looked great in early summer, but not as good later on.2016 – DIED – but something is sprouting up.
Gaillardia 08777A Mesa Yellow Hybrid – started out good – it’s very dwarf, but is not as nice later in the sumer. not real vigorous Died Out
Gaillardia grandiflora Arizona Sun Blanket Flower NP Only 12″ tall – Walmart
Gaillardia grandiflora Blanket Flower NP Test 2003 M
Gaillardia pulchella NA Yellow Sun from Parks (nice plant) M
Gaillardia- Oranges And Lemons Gaillardia1 @ $5.50$5.50 died out.
Gaillardia…Misc NA M
Gaillardia1 Moxie @ $5.50 – DIED OUT – SAVED SOME SEED.
Gaura lindheimeriPink Lady NP Marketing materials say, “Butterfly Magnet.” Never did see a butterfly on it – Died 2008 M
Geranium Geranium NA Just this year I saw a Pipevine butterfly nectaring on our common annual Geranium – that was a first.

Geranium × cantabrigiense ‘Karmina’ – perennial – planted at Whitecliff testing these two to see how they compare.

Geranium sanguineum ‘Max Frei’ – perennial – planted at Whitecliff

Glandularia canadensis Rose Verbena NP A good nectar plant for smallbutterflies. but it keeps dying out over the winter. M
GLOBE AMARANTH – “PURPLE” Ebay (300638077324) – A Nice plant, but hard to germinate.
Globe Amaranth All Around Purple Item # 00911-PK-P1 – – Excellent – does well if you can get it to germinate.
Glycyrrhiza glabra Licorice HP Silver Spotted Skipper Test for 2004 – Took out 2008Invasive and never showed any larvae. M
Gomphrena ‘Pink’ (20 commercial seeds) – – 85% germination – used heat mat.
Gomphrena Globe Amaranth NA Does well in wet and shady conditions. M
Gomphrena Globe amaranth-All Around Purple N GHS-ETB ParkSeed – 0911 – try in pots/planters
Gomphrena Globe AmaranthDwarf Buddy NA Small size but a great bloomer. Award Winner M
Gomphrena globosa – Dolly – 12″ – doing well, but few insects on it.
Gomphrena globosa – Fireworks – 4 foot tall and 5 foot wide – doing very well. Makes a nice display. One plant takes over a large area. Not that many butterflies on it. Seeds germinated on their own.
Gomphrena haageana ‘Strawberry Fields’ (20 commercial seeds) – – 45% germination – used heat mat.
Gomphrena QIS Series and Carmine -bought and – poor germination – poor growth and poor pollinator
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides Senegal Tea NA Pond Plant in MissouriMight be invasive in Southern climates if left to naturalize. M
Helenium amarum – Sneezeweed – 12 inches – annual- reseeds easily – looks great all summer- seedlings in the fall over-wintered. I should be able to dig them out in the spring and share them.
Helenium flexuosum – mowildflowers seed – Purple headed Sneezeweed.
Helianthus maximiliani Maximilian sunflower Very tall – cut back twice during the year. Invasive – I got rid of it since it gets too tall.
Helianthus occidentalis Western Sunflower NP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot It was too invasive – dug it out M
Helianthus salicifolius – native – Willow-Leaved Sunflower – 84 inches – I took this out – it was too tall and bloomed too late in the season.
Helianthus salicifolius – Willow-leaved Sunflower – 12 foot tall – cut back to 4 foot and then it looked better. 2016 – doing well
Helichrysum – Strawflower HA Painted Lady Colorful, but did not attract butterflies M
HELICHRYSUM BRIGHT BIKINIS MIXTURE (0977) HA Seeds – start 4/1 – 2– seeds – don’t plant again – they die out early.
HELICHRYSUM SILVER MIST (0965 HA Seeds – start 4/1 -10 seeds Not impressive
Heliopsis helianthoides Oxeye Sunflower HP Can easily get 5 foot tall.Trim as necessary. Goldfinch eat these flowers. M
Heliotropium -purple Heliotrope NA M
Heptacodium miconioides Seven-Son flower NP Monarchs love this in the fall when it blooms M
Hesperis matronalis Dames’s Rocket HNB Cabbage White It’s a great nectar plant in the spring. Can be invasive – don’t plant in country settings. M
Hibiscus lasiocarpos Rose Mallow HP Gray Hairstreak M – got too tall – took it out,
Hibiscus moscheutos – rose mallow – Midnight Marvel – grows to 60″ – has lots of lovely blossoms. Bill Ruppert likes this.
Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon HP Gray Hairstreak
Hollyhocks – dwarf (front garden) HNB Checkered Skipper + Gray Hairstreak Painted Lady possibly M
Humulus Hop Vine HP – Question Mark, Comma – I have take this out as it takes a lot of maintenance.
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora PeeGee Hydrangea Tree HNP Spring Azure Lays eggs on unopened flower buds. M
Hypericum St. Johns Wort NP Variety unknown – new for 2005 Dennis B. M
HyssopusNector Blue Nector Blue Hyssop NP New for 2006 – 24″ tallDied in 2007
HyssopusNector White Nec tor White Hyssop NP New for 2006 – 24″ tallDied in 2007
Ilex Holly NP Duskywing Not a traditional butterfly plant but it does attract bees and butterflies in early spring.
Itea virginicaLittle Henry Virginia Sweetspire – dwarf NP 2005 – M
Kale -Ornamental-Crane Bicolor Item # 00877-PK-P1 parkseed – unusual colored kale. – Aug 1 – NO COLOR! Gets leggy.- don’t plant again
Lamium maculatumWhite Nancy Spotted Dead Nettle Trailing plant – I never did see butterflies around it. Very hardy M
Lantana ‘Chapel Hill Yellow’ Looks /great in 2011 – low grower – Not Hardy! Grow as an annual.
Lantana – Lemon Cream NA Nice color.
Lantana – New Gold NA Low Growing. I’m trying in a large pot.
Lantana – pink and yellow – Ham and Eggs NA nice color combo. Not hardy in St. Louis
Lantana – Samson NA Ground
Lantana camara – Miss Huff’ Not as colorful as Star Landing. Has survived two winters here in St. Louis! –
Lantana camara – Star Landing’ Hardy – came back in 2012, but not in 2013 when it was colder- plantdelights.comNice plant – vigorous – orange. I like this better than Miss Huff.
Lantana irene Wiethop – nice – low growing – no seeds
Lavandula – Provence Lanender NP Test for 2005 died 2007
Lavandula dentata French Lavender N local nursery – zone 8-9 – put into pot – July – not doing well. It did ok, but did not attract butterflies. Over-winter in garage
Lavandula stoechasChica Rose Dwarf Spanish Lavender NP Test for 2005 – died during winter
Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Becky’ Shasta Daisy HNP American Lady Execellent BloomerPlant of Merit M
Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Maximum’ Shasta Daisy HNP American Lady
Leucanthemum, Daisy May Shasta Daisy NP smaller butterflies Claims to rebloom with deadheading. Short-lived.Died out! M
Leucanthemum-White Breeze Shasta daisy N smaller butterflies ParkSeed – 51115 – only got one seed to germinate
Liatris aspera Rough Blazing Star NP A good fall bloomer. Birds may eat your seed. M 2016 – came back – small growth.
Liatris ligulistylis Meadow Blazingstar NP Slow Grower. M
Liatris mucronata Bottlebrush Blazing Star NP M
Liatris pycnostachya Prairie Blazingstar NP Tall and needs support. Pretty good.DIED OUT M
Liatris scariosa Eastern Blazing Star NP Excellent September bloomer. Monarchs love it. M
Liatris spicata alba Blazing Star – White NP Died out M
Liatris spicata Blazing Star NP Not my favorite. M
Liatris squarrosa Scaly Blazing Star M
Ligustrum ovalifolium Privet – Golden NP A good nectar source in the spring.Not recommended for country or natural areas. M
Ligustrum vulgare Privet – Common NP Not recommended for country or natural areas. It’s too invasive. M
Linaria purpurea “Toadflax” – – ordered – RECEIVED NICE PLANTS 3/12
Linaria Toadflax AHN 2007
Lindera benzoin Spicebush HP Spicebush Swallowtail Look for folded over or cut leaves…the caterpillar is inside. M
Liriodendron tulipfera Tulip Poplar Tree HP Tiger Swallowtail M
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal flower NA
Lobelia speciosa – Fan Scarlet Cardinal flower NA Wiethop nursery 2007
Lonicera sempervirens Trumpet Honeysuckle N, H It’s in the garden more for hummingbirds than butterflies. Plant of Merit – Great in 2008 – host for Clearwing HB. M
Ludwigia alternifolia Seedbox HP Buckeye x M
Ludwigia althernifolia – Seedbox or False loosestrife HP Buckeye M
Lychnis arkwrightiiVesuvius Vesuvius NP Test for 2006
Lychnis chalcedonica – Alba White Maltese Cross NP New for 2005 – Died ?
Lychnis chalcedonica Maltese Cross NP Excellent nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. After flowering and collecting seed, you can cut it to the ground and it will flower again.
Lychnis coronaria – Rose Campion NP Has a beautiful blossom in early spring, but is not a good nectar source. M – 6/22/2016 – I cut this to the ground – will it bloom again?
Lychnis flos-cuculi Jenny Ragged Robin NP New for 20052007 – pulled out – poor looking
Lychnis vesuvius NP New for 2005
Magnolia virginiana Sweet Bay Magnolia HP Tiger Swallowtail New for 2007 M
Malva sylvestris High Mallow or French hollyhock HA Checkered Skipper, Grey Hiarstreak + Painted Lady? Reseeds itself generously – nice looking plant M
Medicago sativa Alfalfa HA Sulphurs Grew well, but loved by rabbits. I had to surround it with a fence. No M
Melampodium divaricatum – Derby – 18 inches
Mentha Mint NP Invasive – I grow this in a pot. M
Mertensia virginica Virginia bluebells NP Early spring flower M
Monarda – bubblegum – healthy and blooming – 24 – 2016 greener and better color than Wild Bergamot
Monarda flatulosa – Wild Bergamot”- 60 inches. 6/22/2016 – 60″tall. It’s got a nice flower, but it’s too tall and falls over. – Go rid of it
Monarda Panorama – Bee Balm – 48 inches – 8/29 – healthy. 2016 – doing well
Nepeta x fassennii Catnip Walkers Low N Very nice – in herb garden – much more rounded and manageable than traditional nepeta
Nepeta racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’ – Catmint –
Ocimum ‘African Blue’ AFRICAN BLUE BASIL N Bees liked this – few butterflies. http://www.companionplants.comI won’t replant this again.
Oenothera fruticosa Sundrops N? Test for 2005 M
Origanum vulgare hirtum Greek Oregano NP
Origanum vulgare Oregano NP
Panicum virgatum Switch grass H Delaware Skiper Great in 2008 M
Parsley H Black Swallowtail M
Passiflora – Passon Flower – in pot – doing fair, not vigorous this year. DIED over the win
PENSTEMON BARBATUS COCCINEUS (1546) Seeds – start 4/1100 seeds
Penstemon cobaea Purple Beard Tongue HNP Buckeye This is in the same family as Snapdragon. M
Penstemon digitalis – Huskers Red HNP Buckeye M
Penstemon….palmeri HNP Buckeye M
Petalostemon/Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie Clover – HH Orange Sulphur + Dogface Slow grower. – Died Out M
Phlox divaricata Wild Sweet William NB Early nectar source M
Phlox drummondi Drummond Phlox N
Phlox paniculata – A13663 Glamour Girl Phlox – ordered
Phlox paniculata Garden phlox NP 2007 – mo. wildflowers – EXCELLENTBlooms a long time.
Phlox paniculata Garden phlox NP Costco
Phlox paniculata hybrid PNH – bare root plants
Physotegia virginiana Obedient Plant NP Got this from a friend. It might be invasive. Blooms mid-aug. M
Polanisia dodecandra – Redwhisker cleome – 24 inches – Native – did ok, but died out.
Prarie coneflower NA M
Prunus glandulosa Pink Flowering Almond Tigerswallowtail, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple, + many moths Died out in 2007 – it never did well. M
Prunus Wild cherry H Planted in my neighbors yard. 2008TST, Viceroy, Red-Spotted Purple M
Ptelea trifoliata Hop-Tree, Wafer Ash HP Giant Swallowtail M
Pycanthemum pilosum -hairy Mountain Mint – 36 inches – Go rid of it – too tall.
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Slender Mountain Mint NP Blooms most of the summer and attracts a lot of butterflies and bees. Can be a bit invasive. N
Ratibida columnifera – Longhead coneflower – 36 inches – DIED out.
Robina pseudacacia Black Locust HP Silver Spotted Skipper M
Rudbeckia fulgidaGoldstrum Coneflower NP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot Spreads via underground runners. A bit invasive. M
Rudbeckia hirta – Indian Summer Black-eyed Susan HP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot M
Rudbeckia laciniata Tall Coneflower HNP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot M
Rudbeckia missourensis Missori Coneflower HNP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot M
Rudbeckia subtomentosa- Sweet Coneflower HNP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot Pulled it out – it’s too tall and never draws a butterfly. M
Rudbeckia triloba Brown-eyed Susan HNP Silvery and Gorgone Checkerspot M
Rudbeckia x hirta Cherry Brandy N Planted more for Goldfinch than butterflies. Not very colorful –
Rudbeckia Indian Summer Wiethop
Rumex acetosa Sorrel H Bronze Copper
Rumex crispus YELLOW DOCK H Bronze Copper
Rumex orbiculatus – – Great Water Dock H Bronze Copper
Rumex sanguineuss Bloody Sorrel H Bronze Copper local nursery 1′ x 1′
Ruta graveolens Rue HP Black Swallowtail and Giant Swallowtail It may cause a rash with some people, but has never caused me any problems. M
Sahast Daisy – A11075Banana Cream Leucanthemum1 @ $8.50 Aug 1– B-Strong grower -smaller blooms
Saliva – Rose Sage – New Dimension
Salix discolor Pussy Willow Mourning Cloak, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple Tallish. Roots easily in water from cuttings. Fast grower – it’s a bit too large for my small garden M
Salix petiolaris Meadow Willow HP Mourning Cloak, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple Shrublike. 10′ – not sure what happened to it. M
Salix purpurea nana Dward Blue Leaf Arctic HP Mourning Cloak, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple Nice – smallish willow, but will grow to 6′ or more. I usually cut mine back in the spring.
Salvia – Friesland Friesland Salvia NP It reseeds! Circle area. M
Salvia – SwallowtailGardenSeeds.comSALVIA, SUMMER JEWEL RED – 30 SEEDS$2.49$2.49AN01701 GREAT
Salvia – ultra violet – a type of Sage? blooming – august 21 – ordered from – 2 plants $30 with shipping.
Salvia azurea Blue Sage NP MO Native M
Salvia coccinea Coral Nymph HNA Spring Azure Test for 2005 M
Salvia coccinea Lady in Red HNA Spring Azure Lays it’s eggs in the unopened flower budsCloudless Sulphur prefers this as a nectar source. M
Salvia elegans (short) Tangerine Sage NA Trial for 2007 – Wiethrops
Salvia elegans Pineapple Sage NA Test 20052006 – IDied 2007
Salvia greggi NP New for 2005
Salvia guaraniticaBlack and Blue AN Hummers like this – July – growing great! It may survive the winter!It send out underground runners!
Salvia lyrata -Purple volcano Purple volcano NP new for 20052006 – not blooming very well in mid-may – It’s coming out.
Salvia nemerosaCaradonna PN Doing fine – it bloomed a long time.Great in 2008
Salvia nemorosa Resenwein NP Died 2007 M
Salvia nemorosaBlue Queen NP new for 2005

Salvia pink – I got these seeds from a BG group on the internet. While they are vigorous growers, they don’t have as many blooms as Lady in Red. I am not saving these.
Salvia splendens Park’s Whopper Lighthouse NA Test for 2005It did not attract much at all.
Salvia, superba May Night NP Excellent M
Salvia….misc NPA M
SalviaSanta Barbara Santa Barbara Salvia Test for 2005 – full sun zone 3.
Sanvitalia procumbens Aztec Gold NA Test for 2005 – 12″ – doing poorly, not a butterfly attactor. DIED M
Saponaria officinalis Soapwort or Bouncing Bet NP A good nectar source , but too invasive. I took it out.
Scabiosa atropurpurea Beaujolais Bonnets Item No. 4269 N http://www.tmseeds.comBlooming in November. Only got one plant.
Scabiosa columbariaButterfly Blue Pincushion Flower NP Give it space and sun. It doesn’t compete well, but the butterflies love it. blooms all summer. Milkdew is a problem in St. Louis Dies Out. M
Scabiosa columbariaPink Mist Pincushion Flower NP Died Out M
Scabiosa ochrolewca Pincushion flower NP Grows well but few butterflies on it. Died 2007 M
Sedum – Carl – supposedly a shorter, stockier version of Autumn Joy. Greenscape Nursery – 8/29 – skippers love the blossomns – it’s not as strong and compact as I’d like
Sedum – Class Act Sedm – – – ordered
Sedum – Maestro Sedum – – ordered
Sedum – Mr. Goodbud – 16 inches – pretty-compact shape – even though it is blooming it has very few insects
Sedum herbstfreudeAutumn Joy Sedum NP New for 2006
Sedum ternatum Three Leaved Stonecrop M
Sedum…..large NP Is a great fall nectar plant. Grey Hairstreak love this. M
Sedum…small ground cover NP M
SedumPurple Emperor NP Test for 2006 – Died out 2008
Senecio cineraria – Diamond Dusty Miller P M
Senecio obovatus Golden Ragwort NP Duskywing Early spring flower. Is invasive in good soil. Mpom
Senna marilandica – Wild Senna HP Sulphurs + Cloudless Sulphur + Silver Spotted Skipper M
Shasta Daisy ‘White Breeze’ 51115-PK-P1 Parkseed.comClaims to bloom all summer – B+ – smaller flower – poor growth.
Sidlacea Prairie Mallow H Painted Lady? Front yard M
Silene – Deep Rose NP Trailing plant – Wiethop – local nursery 2007
Silene armeria (50 seeds) – – good germination, but dampening off disease
SILENE COMPACTA (CATCHFLY) (1887) Seeds – start 4/1 -100 seeds Great in 2008- but no flowers.
SILENE hageanaLUMINA MIX (4618) Seeds – start 4/1 -25 seeds Died out
Silene orientalis (30 commercial seeds) – – good germination, but dampening off disease
Silene regia – Royal Catchfly – 2016 – doing well. buy more.
Silene regia Royal Catchfly NP Hummingbirds like this. M
Silene virginica – Fire Pink – 24 inches – 8/29- healthy. 2016 – doing well blooming in April. July it Died Out.
Snapdragon, ‘Rocket’ series mix (50 commercial seeds) – – 60% germination.
Snapdragons…misc HNA Buckeye M

Solidago drummonds – took out.
Solidag speciosa Showy goldenrod NP M – took out.
Solidago – Golden Fleece – 8/29 – healthy – blooming, but NO insects on it.
Solidago – Goldenrod – Peter Pan NP Poor nectar source. M
Solidago drumonndii – Cliff Goldenrod – native – 36 inches – after trimming it, it spreads out to 48″. 8/29 – buds, but not blooming. 2016 – doing well
Solidago flexicaulis – Zig Zag GR – 36 inches. 2016 – took out
Solidago missouriensis – Missouri Goldenrod – 36 inches. 2016 – took out.
Solidago riddellii – Riddells GR – 40 inches
Solidago rugosa – Fireworks Goldenrod NP Impressive fall display – But NO Butterflies.It’s a poor nectar producer – I’ve yanked it out. M
Solidago speciosa – Showy Goldenrod – native -48 inches. 6/22/2016 – 30″ Tall – few pollinators in Sept. TOOK OUT
Solidago sphacelata – Golden Fleece – 48 wide and 24 inches tall. 6/22/2016 – Plant in the front row. It’s lower growing so I kept it.
Solidgo rigida – Stiff Goldenrod – 72 inches – do not water or fertilize! 6/22/2016 – it’s 60″tall and falling over. Sept. 11 – this is a great pollinator – LOTS of bees and butterflies. Next year – cut it  back 2 or 3 times
Spigelia marilandica – PN – Indian Pink – Lovely flowers in late may – put in the front row.
Stachys – Hummelo – called Betony – 24 inches tall – 8/29 – plant is healthy, one small flower. 2016 – doing well
Stachys officianalis Betony NP Pretty, but never saw a butterfly on this plant. M
Stokesia Stokes Aster NP M
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, New England Aster – Purple Dome, HNP Pearl Crescent
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, New England Aster, HNP Pearl Crescent
Tagetes Marigold NA Reseeds itself and I give it a little help also. This is a small-sized variety. M
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew P Lots of blooms – just a fair nectr source.It reseeds easily. M
Thlaspi arvense Field Penny Cress HA Cabbage White Most people consider it a weed, but mine has Cabbage White larva on it so it gets to stay M
Tithonia AN AARCADIAN BLEND – 90496 – – dont plant again – it’s too diseased
Trifolium rubens Red Feather Clover NHP Look good for just a short period and then it just sits there. took out in 2007 M
Verbena ‘Snowflurry’ Died out over the winter / not vigorous, but still growing in August.
Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’ – – ordered – RECEIVED NICE PLANTS 3/12 – they got mildew on the leaves – just like the standard size. DIED
Verbena Bonariensis Verbena on a Stick NA Buckeye – maybe. One of my best nectar plants although it has a tendency for mildew. Vigorous and tall grower. Roots from cuttings easily and will reseed itself. M
Verbena canadensis `Homestead Purple’ NAP Needs protection in winter and still may die back. I’ve never seen a butterfly on its flowers.
Verbena hastata Blue Vervain M
Verbena lanai blush white – trailing Large Pot – Great in 2008kirkwood farmers market
Verbena obsession blue with eye A purple and white verbena – front walk – died out.
Verbena rigida Sandpaper Verbena NP Test for 2007Spreads by undergournd runners. It may be somewhat invasive. July 26 doing great in test area. hardy to Zone 7, so it might come back next year. Good for a dry area.
Verbena speciosa Imagination NA Imagination is a hybrid cultivar of moss verbena (Verbena tenuisecta)
Verbena speciosa, Imagination A Imagination is a hybrid cultivar of moss verbena (Verbena tenuisecta ) bought plants by gym – front walkIt’s nice at times, but didn’t do well on one side of walk.
Verbena stricta Hoary Vervain NP Short lived? Mine came back – nice looking flower and plant M
Verbena tapienBlue Violet Large Pot – Great in 2008kirkwood farmers market
Verbena tenuisecta Moss Verbena NA TERRIFIC AWARD- Llow-growing plant which self-seeds. Skippers like it.
Verbena TrailingAztec – Trailing Lavender AN Great in 2008
Verbena venosa NA Never did real well.
Verbena…misc types NAP M
Verebena simplex – Narrow-Leaved Verbain – 24 inches – seems to have died out later in the year. I spread its seeds around.
Vernonia p. Ironweed HN American Lady Beautiful flower M
Veronia noveboracensis NEW YORK IRONWEED N http://www.companionplants.comDid well. Seems smaller.
Veronica – Blue Bouquet NP Never grew well and flower wqs small – took it out in 2008
Veronica repens Speedwell NH Doing nicely . 8 hours sun
Veronica spicata , Blue Carpet Woolly Speedwell NH Doing great . 8 hours sun
Veronica spicataIcicle NP Test for 2006 – 18″ tall
Veronica….misc from seed NP M
Veronicastrum Virginicum Culver’s Root – NP 6 foot and invasive. M
VeronicaSunny Border Blue NP Nice looking small plant
Viburnum bush HNP Spring Azure + Hummingbird Clearwing Moth 4/14/05 – Tiger ST, Monarch and Red Admiral using it for nectar source. Fragrant. M
Viburnum prunifolium Black haw HP Clear Wing Hummingbird Moth It grows fine, but never did attract any larvae – took it our late 2008 M
Vinca minor Common Periwinkle NP First flower of spring + a good ground cover . Invasive, but controllable. M
Viola HP Great Spangled Fritillary and Variegated Fritillary M
Viola pubescens Yellow Violet HP Fritillaries Woodland Plant M
Viola sororia priceana Confederate Violet HP Test for 2005 M
Zinnia – California Giants” Zinnia Seeds – Fair
ZINNIA – Ebay – “PINK + PURPLE MIX” DRAWS BUTTERFLIES (300635880425) B – nice
ZINNIA – Ebay-“SOUTHERN SUNSET” ORANGE, RED + YELLOW! (290644927521) – Poo
Zinnia – Scarlet Flame Zinnia – FAIR
Zinnia – Whirlgig – D – Poor
Zinnia angustifolia seems to be similar to linearis and haageana. A couple of places recommend to direct seed, transplants don’t do well????
Zinnia Candy Mix ParkSeed – 51989 2.5′ tall
Zinnia elegans, Formula Mix Zinnia NA Direct seed into the ground. GREAT COLOR M
Zinnia elegans – Thumbelina – mildew!
Zinnia Exquisite Pinkpink Zinnia NA One of my prettiest zinnias…it takes over an area. Lake Valley Seed M
Zinnia Giant Cactus Mix Item # 02210-PK-P1 parkseed – D – Poor
Zinnia haageana – Persian carpet – mildew!
Zinnia lilliput Side of house 4/17
Zinnia Park’s Cutting Blend Full Mix Item # 04966-PK-P1 parkseed – POOR
Zinnia Profusion Orange NA Walmart
Zizia aptera Golden Alexander – HP Black Swallowtail Pretty flower, but not a strong grower for me. I cannot get the seeds to germinate. M
Zizia aurea – Golden Alexander – native – sun to part shade. Doing well for me. 2nd year it is blooming in mid-april 2016 and looks great. Seeds which I planted in the fall have germianted.

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