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2016 – Dates – Notes – Plants – ToDo

I’m making plans for the 2016 season. If you have a school that would like to start a butterfly garden, have them contact me.



Feb. 22 – Plant Milkweed Seeds – Airport Elementary – all of first grade

Feb. 25 – Airport Elementary – two kindergarten classes – Butterflies and plant seeds

March 10 – Concord Elementary – PEGS – plant seeds.

April 12 – 6:30 p.m. Weldon Spring Interpretive Center – Gardening for Monarchs

April 23 – 10 a.m. – Crestwood Comm. Center – Gardening for Monarch Butterflies

May 2 – GSA-South – 70 first graders + plant seeds + 3 pots to fill – Here’s what we did. Below are three pots I did for GSA school. They are fairly large pots and are filled with Miracle Gro potting soil plus a Miracle Gro Compost. Each pot took about a dozen plants, a full tray for each pot and then the rest of the kids planted marigold seeds around the outside.


May 3 – PEGS kids at Concord Elementary


May 3 – Truman Middle School – John F.

May 20 – 2 Kindergarten classes plants at Airport Elementary – planted one butterfly garden – needed bulb planter to take out the old soil. Ashley

Schools – Friends – Crestwood Beautification

Airport Elementary School – Jo – 8249 Airport Rd, St. Louis, MO 63134 – May 7

Our Lady of Guadloupe School – Katie Lodes

PEGS School – Sheri

Judy S – school

Gateway South – 70 first graders

Beverly – city school

Crestwood Beautification Comm.

Early Childhood Education – School

Mary S. – Butterfly Garden


Dan and Daci

Karen – milkweed

Josie – Crestwood

Mary S – Crestwood

Weldon C – Lantana




  • Try annual ryegrass in the fall as a cover  crop.
  • Cut down native NEA three times? I cut them twice last year and they were still too big and lanky. Try cut down to ground.
  • Take out Phlox paniculata – none of them bloomed in 2015 and they were all diseased. It’s interesting that Mark/Deb and Jackie all had good luck with theirs.
  • Put in more Allium – bloomed for a long time and attracted lots of insects.
  • Turn front driveway garden into milkweed only.
  • Remove many of the New England Aster and replace with Purple Dome – 30″ tall and four feet wide – not pruned.
  • Thin out plants in the front – too many plants in front of the house.
  • Plant four large pots of Tropical Milkweed to use in butterfly tent.
  • Plant three buddleia and keep in pots.



Plants to Try


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