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Compost – Basic Information

I just attended a program on Compost and Mulch at MoBot. Ron Alexander was the keynote speaker. His website – has lots of great information on the benefits of  using compost and mulch.

Here are some notes from that program.

  • Compost and its Benefits Brochure.
  • Composting Blanket – they talked about this concept to cover eroding soils and to get seeds to germinate.
  • Composting that is done at commercial companies like reaches a high enough temperature to kill off pathogens. I was concerned about putting plants with mildew into the yard waste, but they indicated it would be killed off. They also indicated that home compost may not reach high enough temperatures and thus you should throw diseased plants into the landfill if you do home composting.  One of the MoBot leaders indicated that when they took out the diseased roses, they did not put them in the compost pile, but threw them away in the trash.
  • Incorporate two inches compost into the top six inches of soil – for new gardens.
  • Lawns were shown that had been core aerated and then had compost put on top and raked in. They looked much better than surrounding areas.
  • MoBot seems to mainly use leaf mold for their mulch.
  • Planting Seeds – you can plant seeds deeper if you cover them with compost versus soil.
  • Soil Health Brochure

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Composting Tips

After taking my Horticulture 101 class and watching a couple of YouTube videos, I’ve come up with a few suggestions on composting.

  • Don’t rake up and throw your leaves away. Compost them.
  • Collect leaves from your yard and even your neighbors to get the needed leaves.
  • Use some sort of shredder to break up the leaves. You can buy a blower/shredder combo on Amazon or I use my lawn mower to shred up the leaves and some grass and I add this mixture to my compost area.
  • Don’t add a lot of kitchen waste – note coffee grounds are an exception.
  • According to one video, a 2″ layer of compost are all the nutrients that your plants will need.

Here are some video on composting.

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