1000 Seeds in 10 Minutes

Rudbeckia hirta – germinate inside in 5 days.

Rudbeckia hirta, also called Black-Eyed Susan is a short-lived perennial, which can also be sown as an annual. I planted seeds outside on March 26th and these are the flowers On July 23rd.

Here is how to get a 1000 seeds in just ten minutes.

First tear off the outer parts of the flower.
Note – I wear a glove on my left hand to protect it from the sticky parts.
Note that I also leave a 2″ stem so that it is easy to hold.

Using a philips head screwdriver, run it through the seed head to remove the seeds. The seeds are the tiny black objects in the picture above. I’ve found that you can usually get about a hundred seeds from one flower.

I also use parchment paper to collect the seeds and put them in a plastic bag.These seed heads have been sitting around for a couple of months in a paper bag, so they are plenty dry.

October 17, 2021

The plants are still flowering, but not as vigorously.

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