Mid-July Trim

Veronica – Left – 50% cut – Right – cut to base. Note – I did end up cutting this to the ground.

By mid-July, there are a number of perennial plants which are pretty much done blooming and can benefit from a mid-summer haircut. Some will reward you with a second bloom, others will just look a bit neater in the garden. I also spread some organic fertilizer on the cut back plants.
Here’s a list of specific plants and how I handle them in mid-July.

Calamint – native – testing this by cutting back some and leaving some.

Maltese Cross – Save the seed and then cut back to the base. It will rebloom.

Nepeta – Walkers Low – Cut back to base. It will rebloom.

Penstemon – cut back to base. They do not rebloom.

Salvia – perennial – will bloom again when cut back to the ground.

Shasta Daisy – If I see buds below, I will deadhead, but when they are all done blooming, I cut to just above ground level. They do not rebloom.

Veronica – I usually cut these back down to the ground, but this year I’m doing a test and am cutting some down by 50%. Veronica will bloom again. Note – I ended up cutting this to the ground.

Here’s a good video on the process.

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