Goldenrod – the Good and the Bad

With Solidago or Goldenrod you have lots of different choices when you go to the nursery and it’s hard to know which variety to buy. I have bought many, if not all local varieties and most of them look like the type below. I don’t know exactly which species this is, but I do know that the school kids and myself have a lot of work to do. You not only have to dig it out, but also make sure that you don’t leave any runners or pieces of runners in the ground. This is a good reason to be very careful when you buy plants for a school garden. Don’t put in any plant which is aggressive and will take over an area.

Many varieties of solidago in a home garden will take over an area and spread via runners and rhizomes which grow at a prolific pace. If you look at the size of the stalks left behind, these plants get at least five foot tall and many times will flop over. Nothing else has a chance when it has taken over an area.

I have finally found a nice variety that stays in place and looks gorgeous in the fall – Solidago sphacelata – Golden Fleece.

This variety only gets 24 inches tall and grows at a slow pace.

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