2018 Monarch Migration

This was another great year for Monarchs in St. Louis Missouri. Here is what my front yard looks like right now.


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2 responses to “2018 Monarch Migration

  1. April Winkelmann

    Tom your yard and the monarchs look fantastic. This is on a different note but I release probably at least 45 pipe find swallowtail‘s this year and quite a few black swallowtail I have monarchs in my yard but not near as many as I saw and your photo.

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  2. Anonymous

    Awesome Tom! I have never seen so many Monarchs in such a small area. My milkweed has long ceased blooming. How did you keep yours doing so? Deadhead?

    Monarchs are more abundant in migration this fall than I can recall experiencing in recent memory. Many have been migrating in the last week, especially on a recent day with NE tailwinds. With binoculars for viewing (most are out of unaided sight) I estimated they were going by at 800 per hour and that was just from where I was standing assessing from scans overhead to the NW horizon which was a line perpendicular to their generally SW flight path.

    As usual on my Chinese Mantis killing spree in the prairie- killed about 75. Some Monarch wings found below their perches which are generally on Stiff Goldenrod.

    Thanks again for all you do.


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