Compost Options

Every year I like to feed the soil with a mulch/compost mix (Black Forest) or just straight compost.  In 2018 I am trying 3 yards of Black Gold compost from St. Louis Composting. It looks very similar to the Black Forest Mulch, but is a bit more expensive.

It’s always amazing to me how compost and mulch just disappears over the period of a year. You can buy the compost relatively inexpensively for $25/yard, but you will need a trailer or pickup. To buy it by the bag, one cu. yard would cost $101.25.

My cost delivered to my house was $140 for 3 cu. yards = 81 cu feet. Black Gold Compost
Note to Self – Buy four yards in 2019.
It took Joe R. nine hours to spread three yards.

In 2019 I am spending $459.00 to pay Mark to clean up all the beds and put out 3 yards of Black Forest mulch/compost. I figured it cost $570 to have Linda do the work and Joe spread the compost from St Louis Compost.

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  1. Studer-Logsdon, Mary A.

    Anything similar in Columbia ?

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