Heimos Nursery Visit – Millstadt Illinois

After visiting the Heimos Nursery in Mildstadt, I’m posting a few notes about my visit.

They make their own potting mix.

  • 47% peat moss – fine/shredded
  • 47% Coir – coconut fiber husks – finely shredded
  • 5 % perlite (the speaker did not like perlite, but only put it in because the buyers insist on it.

They don’t use Osmocote or hard fertilizers. They use liquid feed which they tailor to each plant.

They don’t use rooting hormone. They said that plants are selected which are easier to root.

Most of their cuttings come from overseas – Mexico, South America…
One thing I noticed about the cuttings was that they were small and the stems were not large.  After the plants are rooted, they put them into a cooler temperatures so that the plants don’t grow large.

It seems like  big part of their business is rooting cuttings and then shipping them off to other growers and nurseries.

They use a product call Strip It to clean the hose drip lines and also use it to sanitize areas. She said they do this quite often. (Seems a bit much for home use.) This product is sulphuric acid!

They use yellow sticky cards to see if they have any insect problems.

They use Vernalization on many of their plants.

They don’t use Micorrhizae.

Seed Starting – they use tiny cells and just peat moss and cover the seed with small vermiculite.









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