113,000 Seeds – $17.59

asclepias-113000I just found a deal on milkweed seeds that I thought I’d share. I just bought 113,000 asclepias curassavica seeds for just $17.59.

I got them from MyDirtyGardener.com. The link will take you to this offer.

asclepias-oregon-800Note – the main Monarch migration is going through St. Louis right now, so get outside and enjoy this phenomenon.


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3 responses to “113,000 Seeds – $17.59

  1. Joan Stroer

    Is Columbia Mo on their flight pattern? I saw ONE yesterday.

  2. What a deal! I purchased some. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Plant lots of milkweed and they will stop by and visit your garden.
    Columbia should be on their path, but they need a reason to stop.

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