Starting Seeds Outside

If you’re having trouble getting seeds to start over winter and then can’t recognize the plants from the weeds, here’s a technique that I tried out this last winter with good results.


  • I used a product called Terrace Board which is usually used as a lawn/garden edging.
  • I cut it into twenty foot lengths.
  • I drilled a hole into both ends and used a bolt to connect the overlapping ends.
  • You will probably also need to buy plastic pegs to keep the board in place.
  • I cleaned out the area where I was going to place the soil so I didn’t have weeds or grass popping up. You could lay a couple layers of newspaper to accomplish the same thing.
  • I filled the oval with good potting soil.
  • Put in your seeds, cover and water.
  • Label the area so you know what seeds you planted,
  • The plants you see are Asclepias incarnata – Swamp Milkweed.
  • The advantage of this method is that you know that the plants coming up are the ones which are on the label.

Note – instead of the plastic edging, you could use any material like wood, boards or bricks.



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2 responses to “Starting Seeds Outside

  1. Studer-Logsdon, Mary A.

    GREAT IDEA !! I am having this problem

  2. Anonymous

    wow! great idea and major time savor!!

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