Pesticide Alert – Home Depot


On a recent trip to Home Depot, I was looking at some of their plants and they all had neonicotinoid pesticides. They are hiding the pesticide label behind the main label so most people won’t even see the notice.

While I complained to Home Depot last year, obviously they are not demanding that their growers stop using these dangerous pesticides.

Don’t buy these plants as they will kill local pollinator insects.

Here’s a 2013 report on the use of Neonicotinoid pesticides.



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4 responses to “Pesticide Alert – Home Depot

  1. Tom, I just emailed Home Depot and told them I will boycott all their garden centers…..refusing to buy anything found in their garden centers…..until they stopped buying from growers that use these horrible insecticides that kill our wonderful bees and beautiful butterflies! Thank you for my ability to do this…..I, honestly, did not know this about their plants, but I won’t be buying any more!

  2. Kris Lange

    I know Lowe’s used to be a problem also. I’ve heard that they’ve cleaned up their act. Do you have any info on them?

  3. I did find this story about Lowes –
    They will phase them out by spring 2019.
    That means three more years of pesticides on plants.

  4. Do these chemical insecticides explain the terrible decline in our bee population? Could this somehow (?) be also connected to the attack on our bat populations? Maybe the bats
    are eating the infested bugs…or whatever….and, thus it kills the bat?

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