Community Garden – Gateway Greening

I’m using this page to keep notes on the process that the new Grants View Library is using to create their own community garden. As we have more meetings, I will add more notes.



  • Matt Even is the coordinator for Gateway Greening and the Library
  • They put in eight to ten new gardens every year and help with many more.
  • They lead and guide the group, but the group determines exactly how it is to be run.
  • The group decides how it wants to handle any money.
  • Pear Tree Inn – garden near this – check out.
  • 3871 Bell 63108 – Demo garden
  • They do use treated lumber from Fehlig Brothers. He says this is the only company in St. Louis which has this particular type of lumber – treated with copper.
  • Garden Project Guidebook – this is what they use.
  • The Library Site – is a “Cadillac” – it already has water, land etc. Most of the work has already been done.
  • The Missouri Foundation for Health is funding this project.
  • They have room for 45 gardens at the library – usually 4’x 8′ or 4’x 10′

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