America in Bloom – Charlie Hall

Charlie-Hall-AIB-500Charlie Hall, president of America in Bloom, gave a great presentation in Washington, Missouri extolling the benefits of becoming a member of the America in Bloom organization.

One of the quotes he used is from Ed McMahon who says, “Communities that can’t differentiate themselves, have no competitive advantage.” It seems like it might apply to many communities. Here is the video – it’s worth watching.

Here are some notes from that meeting.

  • Fundraising – Talk to Optimist, Kiwanis, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc. and ask for funds.
  • Talk to Scouts about possible Eagle Scout projects.
  • Volunteers – Master Gardeners in our area need to have so many hours of community service.
  • Plants – Ask residents if they would donate some of their plants that need thinning.
  • Signage in front of city hall.

door-hanger-400Here is a door hanger that the Washington, Missouri group uses.

I found some more videos of last years symposium in Holland Michigan – here is one.


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One response to “America in Bloom – Charlie Hall

  1. Thanks Tom. It was a pleasure to host Dr Hall.

    I may need to get in touch with you for a program this year

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