Echinacea Seed Removal

Here’s my technique for removing the seeds from an Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower. Only keep seed which comes from a great flower. I also leave part of the stem attached so I can hold onto it later. I keep the seeds in a paper bag until they are nice and dry.

I also recommend planting the seeds where you want them to grow. You can do the cold stratification method below, but it’s a lot easier to let Mother Nature do the work. Echinacea germinates easily outside.

Note – now is the time to start planting these seeds. They do need cold-stratification. I’m using the method recommended by Shaw Nature Reserve.

Caveat : I ended up with a blister on one finger with this method. I’d recommend wearing a bandaid on your index finger or a glove on your hand. I’m going to buy pliers with a Spring-Loaded Hinge, to get around this problem. You can also work the pliers without the spring, you just need to let the handle fall open.

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