Monarch Migration Starting

There are reports from Minnesota that the Monarch migration is starting and heading our way. Normally September 20th is the date when I see Monarchs in St. Louis. Right now Monarchs are still laying eggs and mating in the St. Louis area.

I’m hoping to have a tagging party so stay tuned for last minute details. Here’s a video taken just two days ago.



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3 responses to “Monarch Migration Starting

  1. Sonya Sykes

    Tom, some of my swamp milkweed had a lot of red on the leaves, does that mean that they aren’t doing well or are stressed in some way? These leaves also were small. Do you know why some plants look like this & others have the normal looking green leaves?

    • What I’ve found with Swamp Milkweed in St. Louis MO is that it only lives for about three years, sometimes only two years in a typical home garden setting. One swamp milkweed that did spectacularly last year, this year it now looks poorly and possibly dying. What I’ve had success with in the past is cutting in back to six inches, digging up the root ball and separating it into individual plants. I will then keep them in pots for a month or two and make sure they are always moist. I then will plant it back in the garden.

      • Sonya Sykes

        Thanks for the reply & post on swamp milkweed. I had a big pretty plant last year but this year it looks skinny with a lot of red on the small leaves. Thanks for explaining.

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