Gardening on the Balcony


Even if you are in an apartment or condo, if you have some sort of balcony you can use, then you can create your own little mini-park. Below is an article I found that you can download which will give you many ideas on how to create a nature preserve on your balcony.

I found this to be true with my Aunt Betty. She had a second story apartment in the city of St. Louis. I gave her some milkweed for her balcony and later that summer we found some Monarch larvae happily munching on it. Butterflies don’t care where the host plant is – as long as it’s outside and they can get to it.

My only tip would to be sure you put a plastic tray under your plants so that when you water them it won’t drip on your neighbor below.

Click here for the article.



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One response to “Gardening on the Balcony

  1. What an interesting and fun option for apartment/condo folks! See, EVERYONE CAN garden!

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