#2 Sharpened Pencil – a Gardening Tool?

While most people think of hoes and clippers and spades as normal gardening tools, the one I am using most often right now is a regular #2 sharpened pencil. If you look at the picture below you will see ten plants and roots all mixed together in on smallish cell. Most people start ripping everything apart, but a new technique I learned recently was to tease the roots apart with a pencil. This makes it much easier to separate the plants for re-potting.




The second way I’m using a pencil is to make a hole in some wet potting soil for any new cuttings that I am trying to root.



The final way I use a #2 pencil is for making labels. Forget the permanent markers, a #2 soft lead pencil will create a nice label that will not wash off and will last all season. I cut up old plastic Venetian blinds and use them for plant markers.


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