Seed Heating Mat Test


I recently tried germinating some Asclepias curassavica and tested two different ways. In one flat I did my traditional method and on the second I added a Heating Mat under the seeds.

After just eight days, the differences are dramatic. The heat mat tray has 30 seeds germinated, while the no-heat tray has zero germination at this point.

The twenty dollar cost might put off some gardeners, but these mats can be used year after year and you’ll be confident that you will be getting more plants to germinate in a shorter time.

Here’s one you can buy on Amazon – the price does fluctuate – right now it is $22.99.


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2 responses to “Seed Heating Mat Test

  1. April Winkelmann

    Tom, where did you get the seed heat mat for $20.00. ThanksApril

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