Cleaning Echinacea Seeds


While it’s very easy to save the echinacea seed pods in the fall, getting the pods to release the seeds, called cleaning, is another thing. I have tried many methods, but just recently tried this method and it seems to work well.

I use a big sheet of parchment paper to collect the seeds. You could use wax paper, but parchment paper is better.

I usually put a rubber glove on my left hand to hold the seed pod at the base and use a screw driver to push out the seeds. The seeds are visible and will stand out in the pod. Some pods will have lots of seeds while others might not have any seeds at all.  Once you collect the seeds on the parchment paper you can put them in a paper or plastic bag. They are very dry at this point. You will also have some extraneous material with the seeds, but it’s easy enough to pick out the seeds when  it comes time to planting.


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