Monarchs Rebounding!


The last two years have been terrible for Monarchs here in St. Louis. Luckily this year the Monarchs have rebounded. According to Chip Taylor, Monarchs have increased two to four times. My numbers have been much larger. During July and August, I had two to four Monarchs in the yard daily. When I came back from vacation a week ago, I counted 23 Monarchs in my yard. While the numbers have decreased, I still have quite a few Monarchs in the yard.

There was a possible radar sighting of Monarchs here in St. Louis – I don’t know if it’s true, but I would love to think so. I’ve never heard of this before so it’s exciting.

Below is an interesting audio of the Monarch rebound. Chip Taylor is being interviewed and he indicates we need at least four times as much habitat as they now. 



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2 responses to “Monarchs Rebounding!

  1. That’s great news, Tom!!! We’ve noticed more Monarch activity as well! We’re looking forward to raising more awareness by promoting the upcoming “Pollinator Project” at the STL Zoo… At Greenscape, we’re putting together our new “Pollinator Palette” (including a section for host plants and a Nectar Bar). Each month, we’ll feature a native plant from the Zoo’s list and we’ll be giving them away to our customers like we did with the native milkweeds this year. All good stuff! Thanks so much for all you have done for our community… Looking forward to catching up with you again soon! -Jen from Greenscape

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