Monarchs – Back in St. Louis


I’ve finally had a female Monarch sighting in my garden and she was laying eggs. I saw about a dozen eggs laid, but there were probably more. If you look close at one picture, you will see all the aphids and white flies on the milkweed. I’m pretty sure they don’t have any impact on the larvae.

Instead of spreading my plants out, I put all my milkweed into one area to try and entice the Monarchs into my back yard. Most of the plants are tropical milkweed, but I also have incarnata and tuberosa.



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2 responses to “Monarchs – Back in St. Louis

  1. April Winkelmann

    I saw one Monarch in my yard last week.  I have plenty milkweed, so we shall see.  Is this their time of year or is it early?

  2. I used to have Monarchs around almost all summer, but the last two years have been terrible. To have a female around now laying eggs is a real treat. They migrate through around Sept. 20th.

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