Raising a Tiger

tiger-larva-2nd-instarThis first picture is a 2nd larvae I just found this morning.

For the first time, I’ve had a chance to raise an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. This caterpillar was found on my Hop Tree after I saw a Tiger laying eggs there. It’s getting larger in my enclosed cage and is doing well on Hop Tree leaves. It’s interesting that it is motionless during the day and must thus feed at night. In the early instars it looks like a Giant ST, but changes to all green later.

Having eyebrows is a fun touch on its false eyes.
Below is a comparison of the Tiger and Giant Swallowtail larvae together.



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2 responses to “Raising a Tiger

  1. Tim Bujnoch


       What part of the country do you live in to have seen an E. Tiger Swallowtail?


  2. I’m in St. Louis MO – we get quite a few.

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