Slender Mountain Mint – Good Bad and Beautiful


One of the native plants that I recommend for most gardens is Slender Mountain Mint or Pycnanthemum tenuifolium.

What’s good about this plant is that it attracts a lot of butterflies and bees, lives a long time and blooms almost all summer long.

What’s bad about the plant is that it wants to spread and is a bit invasive. I just spent about three hours digging it out of a couple areas and have the blisters to prove it. It’s not as bad as common mint, but it definitely will take over an area if you let it.

I still have two areas where I have it in my garden. One area has a problem with erosion and so this plant is ideal for that. The other area is one that I just have to control it by digging every year.

What is beautiful about the plant are the orchid like flowers and the many types of butterflies it attracts. It’s also a bee magnet, so if you have kids you may want to put in in an area which is away from foot traffic.


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