Harden and Toughen Plants Before They Are Planted

I have trouble moving my carefully pampered and wimpy indoor plants to the outdoor Mother Nature boot camp. My indoor plants have gotten plenty of water, fertilizer and not a whole lot of sunshine from my fluorescent bulbs. As a result they are a bit like that kid in the old comic books that needs to grow some muscles and toughen up.


FAN – Indoors, I still have a few plants which haven’t transitioned outside yet, so I have turned on a fan to get some air movement and hopefully strengthen and toughen up their stalks.

CART – I like to use a five level cart with wheels so that I can move plants in and out of the garage.


SHADE – Keep plants in the shade for the first week or so and then gradually introduce them into full sun. I bought this shade fabric at Harbor Freight for $27.00. I’m going to try it out and see how it does. I like that it has lots of grommets.

WIND – You can put up a board or wind-break to let you plants gets used to it.

WATER – I’ve read that it’s best to reduce the watering during this time, so I will only water once a day.

FERTILIZER – no extra fertilizer.


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  1. Good tips! Thanks for the post, Tom.

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