Echinacea – Propagate From Cuttings


I’ve discovered that propagating Echinacea – Purple Coneflower – from root cuttings is a fairly easy task. Get out your shovel and dig out about half of your plant. I like to leave 50% in the soil to ensure the plant comes back well.

I then use a combination of my axe, and pruners to cut up the larger roots into two inch segments and plant them upright in potting soil-then water well.

I’ve found that different Echinacea varieties have different booming periods.

I remove the plants which bloom for a short time and keep the plants which bloom over an extended period of time. I’ve even found a variety which I call “Echinacea terrificalis” which blooms almost the entire summer season.

I usually get an 80% success ratio over a two month period.





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3 responses to “Echinacea – Propagate From Cuttings

  1. Jim & Judy Stroup

    Wow! What a great idea!! I never heard of doing this. What time of year do you do this? Fall? Winter?

    By the way, thanks for the Butterfly weed seed.


    • As soon as the ground un-freezes, I’ll be out there with my shovel. I’m re-doing one area to be only Milkweed so I’ve got to move some plants and I might as well do my cuttings.

  2. A lot of plants can be propagated this way. Nice post!

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