Controlling Bugs Inside


I always bring in some plants or cuttings in the fall and inevitably they end up with some sort of bug infestation on them. I noticed that at my school’s greenhouse they used the above yellow sticky pads to attract and keep the bug population down.


I decided to give it a try and you can plainly see the results. I count an average of 60 bugs on some 1″ squares and this is only after a couple of weeks. It may not be a perfect solution, but it does helps.

Note – this is in my basement, so the unattractive yellow traps don’t mess up our home decor.

October 2015 – another product I am trying out is Ultra-Fine Pesticidal oil. Note – the bottle I am using contains paraffinic oil, not the mineral oil that is now available. Some of the plants I am bringing in look like they have possible leaf miner damage. After spraying, the plants look better and are growing.


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  1. Jim & Judy Stroup

    ANOTHER good idea!

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