The Pad for Gardening Comfort on Your Knees


I was browsing Hummert’s store in St.Louis and came across this product. It’s a large pad (15″ x 20″) which feels like it would be great for kneeling when I’m working in the garden.

I obviously haven’t tried it out yet in January, but look forward to seeing how it works this spring when I’m on my hands and knees cleaning up and putting in new plants.

Most pads are a lot smaller than this one. so I appreciate the larger size. I could not find it anywhere on Amazon , but I did find a link to it on the HomeDepot site.


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2 responses to “The Pad for Gardening Comfort on Your Knees

  1. Jim & Judy Stroup


    While you are shopping, check this out at &keyword=mini+greenhouse&langId=-1&storeId=10301

    I bought a similar version three years ago from and have had great success eating lettuce and spinach all winter long. It would likely help you get some flowers outdoors a bit earlier too.


  2. Thanks – I’m surprised anything survives outside in the 5 degree temperatures.

    I’ve already started seeds inside – I’ve got the itch.


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