Composting Tips

After taking my Horticulture 101 class and watching a couple of YouTube videos, I’ve come up with a few suggestions on composting.

  • Don’t rake up and throw your leaves away. Compost them.
  • Collect leaves from your yard and even your neighbors to get the needed leaves.
  • Use some sort of shredder to break up the leaves. You can buy a blower/shredder combo on Amazon or I use my lawn mower to shred up the leaves and some grass and I add this mixture to my compost area.
  • Don’t add a lot of kitchen waste – note coffee grounds are an exception.
  • According to one video, a 2″ layer of compost are all the nutrients that your plants will need.

Here are some video on composting.


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One response to “Composting Tips

  1. Jim & Judy Stroup

    Great stuff Tom!

    I have collected my leaves and my neighbors leaves and shredded them for years. They think I’m a bit weird but they love my yard and garden?

    I use a 5 horsepower chipper/shredder with an aftermarket bag that is about 3’ in diameter and about 8’ long. It can hold a WHOLE LOT of leaves but he is right. I always run out before the next fall.

    This video does cause me to re-think what I do with my kitchen scraps. My usual M.O. is to layer them with shredded leaves and the heavy clay soil that I remove from a hole when planting things in my yard. I then move the pile, with a shovel, back and forth a few times over the course of several months. The earthworms look like small snakes! I then use the resulting “dirt” to plant my veggies and flowers. No, upon further consideration, I think I will continue that practice. I will also continue to add a few inches of shredded leaves on my flower beds.

    Thanks for your blog. It helps to save our world one yard at a time.

    Stupid People Bags! I loved that line J


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