Cuttings – Test Results


Here’s a picture which shows that Miracle Gro and Gravel tied as the the best medium for rooting plants. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but Gravel had 5 flower buds and Miracle Gro had twenty. Gravel also was a bit bushier with larger leaves.  Miracle Gro was definitely taller, but was less filled out and had smaller leaves. Gravel also had a lot more roots coming out the bottom. These are the same plants planted at the same time. Either one would do well for rooting cuttings.

From left to right you have:

Perlite – Fertilome w/o fertilizer – Charcoal – Gravel – Miracle Gro.



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5 responses to “Cuttings – Test Results

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  2. Jim & Judy Stroup


    Does the container on the left contain Butterfly Weed? If so, are you able to keep it alive over winter?


  3. April Winkelmann

    Tom,   Well I did my milkweek cuttings and put most of them in the basement with light.  Some are rooting some not.  It’s been less than a month since I did this project.  My problem is I now have aphids; I found them last night and took off what I could.   Will this kill or affect my plants?  Can you help?  Thanks.  Also, can you send me your e-mail address.  I must be computer challenged, becauce the only way I know to contact you by e-mail is to respond to one of your e-mails.  Again thanks.   April

  4. One of the things I do before I take my milkweed cuttings inside is to blast them with water. to get off the aphids. The plants don’t like it, but it’s a necessary evil. I wouldn’t give up on the cuttings – it may take a while for some plants. I still have mine in water, but will probably transfer them to soil soon. You can contact me at

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