Rue – Nectar and Host Plant Together

rue-01 rue-Painted-Lady-nec02

Rue, Ruta graveolens, is an almost perfect nectar and host plant for the butterfly garden. It’s pretty, attracts butterflies with its yellow flowers and is a host plant for black swallowtails and occasionally giant swallowtail butterflies. It also will usually come back every year and reseeds freely.

It only has one flaw – it can cause a rash. I’ve never gotten the rash, but because of that potential problem I don’t recommend it for schools. I almost always wear gloves so that may have protected me somewhat. It even got a mention on an old Doc Martin episode, so the problem is real.


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  1. Andrea

    Thanks for this information. I’m going to put my rue in the ground and see what happens. The rue rash was also mentioned on Downtown Abbey.

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