Root Your Cuttings Now


If you haven’t already, now is a good time to take some cuttings from your plants to root over the winter months.

I’m going to do a few experiments and try different rooting mediums. My current teacher for Horticulture 101 doesn’t say which type is better, but says that he has good luck with Meramec river gravel – it’s cheap, has the right texture and does a good job.

That’s what we are using in class. I bought the same type of sand at Home Depot – they call it Quickrete Premium Play Sand. It’s a coarse sand – not like what you might find at a beach.

Make sure you take a look at my posting on the 14 steps I take to make cuttings. It’s actually fairly easy.

Here are the different mediums I am using for cuttings.

  • Coarse sand – this is what they use at Meramec Community College. They don’t like fine sand as the roots have a tendency to rot.
  • Fertilome Ready to Use Ultimate Potting Mix – TERRIBLE – it is very hard to get his mix wet. I had to put some in a 5 gallon bucket and slowly add water and mix it with my hand. It will probably work fine, but is a pain at the start. This mix doesn’t have any fertilizer in it.
  • Perlite – a bit dusty, but easy to work with.
  • Charcoal – I have some ground up charcoal and thought I might give it a try also.
  • Miracle Gro Potting Mix – this does have fertilizer in it, but I have had good results with it in the past. I wet it thoroughly before inserting the cuttings.
  • Results – Miracle Gro or plain Gravel tied as the winner. 


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2 responses to “Root Your Cuttings Now

  1. Jim & Judy Stroup


    What types of plants are you trying to root and why? Do they not produce well from seed?


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