Free Butterfly Gardening Program Tonight


If you’re interested in learning about Butterfly Gardening, I’m doing a free program tonight at Powder Valley – 6pm.



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5 responses to “Free Butterfly Gardening Program Tonight

  1. Jim & Judy Stroup


    Thanks for speaking at MoNEP! I am a member and I heard you speak at Sappington Garden. I would come tonight but I have to attend a meeting for the Sustainable Backyard Tour being held this coming Sunday. Hopefully you will be able to visit some homes?

    Jim Stroup

  2. April Winkelmann

    I would be there with bells on if I didn’t have a prior commitment.  I have only been here in Missouri two summers and have purchased as many larvea plants as I could get my hands on.  Yard in Florida was certified by the state as a butterfly habitat, but feel like a fish out of water here.  I don’t have enough info for St. Louis.  I don’t know if you are CD or DVD ing your talk, but if not I would love to talk to you.  Cell is 813-417-6629   Thank you


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