American Lady – One of My First Visitors


Since it’s early in the season, it’s always fun to see a butterfly which is willing to pose for the camera. This American Lady really seems to enjoy the nectar from the Nepeta – Walkers Low. This is one of my favorite nectar plants these days and will bloom most of the summer.  I also have some larvae on my Pearly Everlasting so I’m assuming that the Lady is responsible.



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One response to “American Lady – One of My First Visitors

  1. Thanks for posting it. I found your site in my search for the ID of an identical butterfly on a dahlia. Don’t you just love those eye spots. It almost looks like a face. It’s beginning September here on The Oregon Coast, so I’m wondering how long they will be around.
    Mostly we grow flowers for the bees, but we’re getting more and more interested in butterflies too.

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