Growing Lantana in St. Louis

2016 Notes

I had lantana come back in three areas. The winter was fairly mild so I was expecting it all to come back, but no such luck. The lantana next to the foundation all came back. I got about 20% return from other areas. I even had some tropical milkweed come back by the basement wall.






One of the easiest growing nectar plants to grow in St. Louis is Lantana. There are two basic types – an upright-tall-mounding species and a trailing/spreading/lower growing species. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t cut the stems back until you see signs of new growth in the spring. Most lantana will not over-winter, but a couple varieties will. Don’t cut those back until the very latest. (this is a bit controversial)
  • Lantana loves sunshine. Only plant it where it gets at least half-day sun.
  • If you want lantana to come back every year, trying growing varieties which are hardier. Miss Huff is the hardiest and Star Landing is somewhat hardy. They have both come back over two winters – Miss Huff does seem to be stronger and hardier – although a bit less colorful. Mozelle and Sonset are other varieties which I plan to try. Also Imperial Purple, Lantana montevidensis is possibly hardy (trailing).
  • Miss Huff and Star Landing both get about four feet tall and four feet wide – give them plenty of room to grow.
  • I also like to cover up my lantana in the fall with leaves to help protect the plant from the cold.
  • Likes a well drained soil – possibly raised beds, so that the roots don’t get wet, freeze and damaged.
  • One of the main advantages of lantana is that it blooms all summer long with no dead-heading! Where I have enough sun, I prefer this to butterfly bush.

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