Voles – Battle to the Death


After I lost a few $10 plants to voles, I realized that these cute mouse-like creatures are not to be wanted in the garden.They seem to prefer bulbs and roots from a few of my plants so I have to resort to extreme measures to protect the plants. Here are a few things I’ve learned.

  • As the picture clearly shows, hawks are a good deterrent to voles. Luckily I do have them in my neighborhood.
  • I usually know voles are present by the paths that I see in my lawn. They are like vole highways.
  • I have found sites that recommend mouse traps baited with peanut butter, but have never caught a vole that way.
  • My most effective remedy is to use “Sweeney’s Poison Peanut Pellets” and contrary to the label, it does nothing for moles, but it does kill voles. It takes a while since the voles will probably store the pellets as a food source. I found two dead vole bodies this year as I was clearing the garden, so I know it works. Make sure you put the pellets down the hole and cover it up so that other animals or kids don’t eat it.
  • Another solution that Jim shared with me is shown in the video below. It basically forces the vole onto a mouse trap that is staked down. While you can certainly buy this product, you could probably make it yourself with a piece of gutter, heavy duty wire and a couple of mouse traps. Note two traps cost $14.99 + $6 shipping. 
  • I just found another solution using a Kness Ketch-All Mouse Trap – See this video

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One response to “Voles – Battle to the Death

  1. Tom

    In addition to being a budding butterfly/migratory bird gardener I am also a “mostly” organic vegetable gardener. I hesitate to put poison into my yard for several obvious reason.

    There are a few home made vole trap designs on the internet that I have tried with some success but mostly they are like “Going bear hunting with a switch.” I suppose that I just need to man-up and carpet bomb my yard to get rid of the little buggers…..


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