Top Soil Tests – 2013


Since I give away a lot of plants every year, I need a good supply of top soil for the pots. I make my own mix of topsoil, peat moss, sand, charcoal and fertilizer. I always start with a 40# bag of top soil, but all top soils are not created equal. Some bags are pretty crummy and only suitable for filling large holes. I bought three bags of top soil from three different retailers and here are my results.

Winner – The Jolly Gardener was the best soil. It was loose and fell apart easily. You could plant directly into this soil. This is the soil I would recommend.  It’s $1.99 at the Sappington Garden Shop 11530 Gravois, Saint Louis Missouri 63126 (314) 843 4700.

2nd Place went to Walmart’s Mahaska Top Soil for $1.53. The soil is also nice, although not as good as the winner.

Last Place goes to the Home Depot and Lowe’s Red Bag Timberline top soil. It’s mainly clay and might be good for filling a hole, but not even close to the top two bags of top soil.


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  1. Jim & Judy Stroup


    Thanks for the input.

    Do you have any tips for killing or repelling voles? I seem to grow them the best.


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