Butterfly Bush Tips


Over my past three seminars, many of the questions were about butterfly bush. Here are a few of my tips about this butterfly magnet.

  • Cut back the old growth to 6 inches in very early spring. I know it sounds drastic, but it will be more vigorous and more manageable.
  • They prefer sunshine, but will grow in partial shade. They just won’t do as well.
  • Keep it deadheaded. The more you deadhead, the more new blossoms you will have.
  • The standard varieties will get a minimum of six feet tall and five feet wide. Give them some space to grow.
  • Try growing the smaller Nanho varieties. I’ve had good luck with Nanho Purple. They get to be four to five feet tall. I’ve had poor success with other dwarf varieties  Look at my Plant List.
  • Later in the year, they don’t bloom as well. Make sure you have other nectar sources in your garden.
  • Usually color doesn’t matter, but I would stay with the standard purple colors. Some of the hybrids don’t do as well. One of the participants said that he had an orange butterfly bush and the butterflies never went to it.



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