Experiments in Gardening – 2012

New Tests at the Top

Dividng Plants in September
I’ve got a few plants I’m trying to divide Sept. 13th. One plant became seven. We’ll see how they do this late in the season.


Anise Hyssop – Can I cut off a piece and root it by sticking it in the ground?
Answer – Yes – but keep it well watered.

Coreopsis If I cut this to the ground, will they come back?…..Results: YES. and will FLOWER

Dames Rocket
If I pick the seed green, will it ripen and open the seed easily.
Answer – NO.
Seeds seem to ripen best on the plant. If you have to cut green seeds out – pitch them.

Gairailladia – Blanket Flower If I take seed off the plant and cover it with dirt – will it germinate immediately?
Answer – NO – all seeds have a period of dormancy.

 New England Aster
1. Cuttings taken in spring. They are starting to bloom in Mid-September
2. I also cut plants to the ground in Mid-august. They are now coming back and blooming low to the ground.

Is it better to just dead-head it or cut it back to the ground?
Answer –  cut it back to theground. Note – this is also true of veronica

Aug 25 – took out zinnias in front and transplanted in VB, tropical milkweed, buddleia, blazing star, purple french hollyhock, milkweed cuttings. Also transplanted four echinacea from test bed – these are seeds I planted last fall.

Verbena vonareinsis – C
Malva purple – B
Tropical Milkweed – A
Gaillardia- blanket flower – B
Meadow BS – C
Buterfly Bush – C – need to cut quite a bit off.

Zinnia Seeds
Will Zinnia Seeds from this years plants germinate?
Results: Yes! I saved some seeds from this years crop – usually it takes months for these seeds to be ready to plant, but these germinated easily.





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2 responses to “Experiments in Gardening – 2012

  1. JUNE

    I just bought some root cuttings of ASCLEPIAS SYRIACA from a garden centre which way up do you plant them and is it best to grow this in a big pot to stop it spreading Thanks, June.

  2. I’ve never grown Ascelpias syriaca from roots, but I’d guess that you lay them in horizontally. That’s the way the roots run in the garden. Cover them up about a half inch and hopefully they will sprout.

    I did grow this variety in a large pot and it came back this year. I left it outside and it did well.

    I’ve grown this in the garden and it took over, so I had to get rid of it.

    Have you ever seen a Monarch butterfly in the UK?


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