Is It time to Plant? – Look at 2007 for the answer

“Unseasonably warm weather in March over the eastern half of the United States prompted early growth of many agricultural and horticultural crops, ranging from wheat in the Central Plains to fruit trees and pastures across the Southeast and parts of the Midwest. March monthly temperatures averaged between 2 and 6°F above normal in these areas, and this was the second warmest March on record for the entire U.S.”

Sounds like today doesn’t it. Actually, it was 2007. Read on to see what happened.

“Arctic cold followed in early April with over 1500 weather stations breaking or matching record low temperatures. The magnitude and duration of the cold temperatures was particularly noteworthy in a climatological sense. Low temperatures in the teens occurred throughout the eastern half of the country, and freezing temperatures lasted almost a week in some areas. ”

This information came from:

I normally wait and tell people to wait until May 1st as a “SAFE” day to plant in St. Louis, MO.

I think I’ll be taking my own advice this year.


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