Heating Mat Experiments

Here are the results of various experiments using heating mats to germinate different seeds. Using my small heating map, the temperature difference is ten to 15 degrees hotter soil temperature. The temperature goes to 79 to 84 degrees with the lights not touching the plastic dome. Using my large heat map and the lights touching the dome, the temperature can go to 94 degrees or higher.


 Plant  Heat Mat No Heat
 Alcea – hollyhock Better  
 Asclepias curassavica Better  
 Gomphrena – 100% in one week Better  
 Gomphrena-Strawberry – 100% in one week Better  
 Gomphrena – 4 days Better  
 Kale – 5 days  no difference  
 Salvia – 5 days no difference  
 Shasta Daisy – 10 days Better  
 Tidy Tips   Better
 Veronica – 7 days   Better

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  1. I am using an electric blanket for my tomato. eggplant, chile and basil seedlings. I think it is going to help a lot. I would like to grow flowers from seed as well, so thanks for this!

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