Lantana – Is this the year it comes back?

March 9, 2012 – According to newspaper reports, this was the 6th warmest winter on record, 5.9 degrees above average, so I’m crossing my fingers that some of my lantana has wintered over.

Down in Dallas, Texas, my relatives have lantana which comes back every year. Here in St. Louis, I’ve never had that happen. Last year however I specifically planted two varieties that were a bit more cold-hardy – Star Landing and Miss Huff. I added about four to six inches of leaves and grass clippings in the fall for a bit of protection and crossed my fingers they might make it.

Today I cleaned up the area and cut back the old stalks. One thing I immediately noticed was that while my ham and eggs variety, pink and yellow, seemed dead and dry, the Star Landing and Miss Huff both had a bit of green to the stalk and still had a bit of moisture.

With temperatures in the 70’s this week, I’m hoping the soil will warm and the lantana might decide to sprout. We’ll let you know the results.


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